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Jun 11, 2019

Studying Predictions and Prophecies, Ingo Swann's Moon mystery and UFO Influences

"The artist is like an astronaut. With the mind you can travel the entire universe." - Ionel Talpazan - "When he was a boy in Romania he had an encounter with what he believes was a UFO. His life’s work is an attempt to make sense of this." - BBC Documentary 2013, Turning the Art World Inside Out, UFO Fashion. Pdf.

OddsnEnds - 

Could a negative prediction about your future be hazardous to your health? A researcher who studied premonitions checked out (deceased at an early age) with a lot of questions unanswered. Long Reads: Premonitions Bureau. John Barker. For a time there was a US version of the Premonitions Bureau. Now defunct. Original story: NewYorker.

Heads up on the relaunched [by the estate of Ingo Swann] Prophecy Project. Now inviting anyone with premonitions, dreams or visions about the future to post them on the site.

Unconventional. Consider the Astrologer who does Death Charts. Her book is 'Star Sisters, An Astrologer's Memoir of Twin Loss.' Meant to comfort rather than frighten. After the death of her sister, Linda "Moonrabbit" Slotnick started offering a different chart analysis. Certainly death is in the stars. Knowing the existence and purpose of an alignment can help ease the pain of grief. [Interview: 6/23/19]

Can the future change the past? Does Remote Viewing alter the timeline? OBE, NDE and ET Experiencers have a unique perspective given their encounters in altered state awareness. Quantum Physics suggest the future CAN change the pastOuter Places. [My own shift [directed by ETs] created complications.]

The Creative Mind of Ingo Swann, 2015 Presentation by Thomas McNear, the first member of the Army’s Stargate program to be personally trained in Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) by Ingo Swann. More info on Ingo: FAQ.

Something big ...on the Moon...? "Imagine taking a pile of metal five times larger than the Big Island of Hawaii and burying it underground. That's roughly how much unexpected mass we detected," said lead author Peter B. James, regarding something huge under the moon's largest crater. Science Daily.

Curious. Ingo Swann remote viewed the Moon. He noted a few unexpected anomalies in his book Penetration. Futurism.

The late Stanton Friedman is featured in this 70's cult classic, UFO Overlords. Uri Geller is also in the film and there is a huge clue in his information. Uri says he was in a car with a driver and two other passengers when a huge, cigar shaped UFO appeared. Excited to see it so obviously suspended there in plain view, he commented about it. No one else could see what he saw.

In this film, what might have seemed too radical to be deemed possible then is much more in sync with what has now been widely shared about UFOs. Of special interest, the inter-dimensional nature of UFOs.


Beyond UFO sightings, I am interested in revelations by Experiencers, Intuitives, Channelers, Mystics and Remote Viewers. Reports of encounters are world wide. Some of the most fascinating accounts come from artists who are able to offer visuals of their experiences.

Tracey Taylor remembers ET contact from a young age. Her artwork is extraordinary. Researcher Mary Rodwell has more background info on Tracey. Link.

Romanian Artist Ionel Talpazan had a UFO encounter as a child that stayed with him and influenced his Art. His sole focus was UFOs. 2015 Obit. A book is due out later this year [2019] about the artist and his beliefs. Link.

Alien Abduction Experiencer, David Huggins is the subject of the film, Love and Saucers. Trailer.  I interviewed Filmmaker Brad Abrahams about the project. That show is in the archives. Link.

Preview on Amazon - Voices from the Cosmos

Check out a fantastic collection of officially [Ministry of Defense] cataloged images: UFO Drawings from the National Archives. Paris Review.

On my current reading list is a book by Remote Viewer Angela Smith, Voices from the Cosmos.

Angela also documents her Alien Abduction experience in Diary of an Abduction. Questions arise about time, memory and dreams.

In my experiences, the challenge is to overcome fear and expand our telepathic abilities. The implication is that we are also being guided, encouraged, assisted and influenced to upgrade our thoughts/consciousness. The result is a collaborative effort that might simply be impossible to comprehend from the current level of knowing.

So much information is coming out now in regard to consciousness and UFOs. It's nice to see the variety of sources and increasingly challenging to narrow the focus on what to read, research and explore in more depth. And there's the daily paranormal nudge to keep things interesting.

Is there a purpose for the increase in UFO activity and interest? Of course. Conditioning, acclimatizing deniers, skeptics and late arrivals to avoid inadvertently scaring everyone silly. Experiencers are already on board.

The reveal is unfolding as we continue to go about the business of being human. We are born, we die, we live, we learn, we evolve. Everything between is fiction - stories, adventures. While all might appear to be solid, nothing is set in stone.

The goal is shifting in an altered state to revise the default script on the fly. Each has his own independent outcome, known only after the group exercise has been completed. No judgment.

It isn't just UFOs and ETs. Step it up.

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