Jun 14, 2019

'Pulsar' - Sci-Fi short film, Bigfoot, Voynich, ETs, Spiked Skulls and a Sky Floor Heart Stopper.

“In our time this search [for extraterrestrial life] will eventually change our laws, our religions, our philosophies, our arts, our recreations, as well as our sciences. Space, the mirror, waits for life to come look for itself there.“- Ray Bradbury  About Aliens, Famous Quotes.

OddsnEnds - 
  • Unimpressed with FBI Bigfoot hair sample result. Idaho State Prof says there's more to the story. Spokesman Review. Researcher, Educator, Jeff Meldrum talks about the science behind Bigfoot. According to the interview with BYU Idaho radio, Meldrum says, regarding Bigfoot, he doesn't believe, rather, he is convinced based upon the evidence. 
  • Voynich Manuscript mystery solved, the mystery is alive and well. History Extra. The author of aforementioned link, Dr. Claire Hardaker deconstructed the success of the recent false positive.
  • Wanna crack at solving the ONE HUNDRED something year old mystery? Maybe you CAN solve it. Like the guy who cracked the 40 year old safe mystery with a "lucky" (Miracle) guess. BBC Here's the website. Digital File from Yale Library.

Sci Fi short film - 'Pulsar' -  When Destiny has your number...

Pulsar (2018) IMDb.
Director: Aurora Fearnley
Binge more Sci-Fi on DUST.

UFO/ET Etc... 
  • NASA Scientist says Aliens may have visited us already. (Experiencers have been saying that for  decades.) Note: Professor Silvano Colombano is not arguing for Grays or Reptilians. Here's the paper: Link. He suggests we need to be more flexible in our assumptions. And that opens up a wider playing field. Futurism
  • Does Science suggest an off world origin for Humans? Express. Conversation Starter: Humans are Not From Earth, by Ellis Silver. 
  • ET/Alien merch. Say 'Aye' to phoning home and proudly display this lovely Flying Saucer Enamel Pin. (Unaffiliated. I just like the pin.) Bizarro Link. Better than a secret handshake.
  • Morphing into 'Aliens' - Who here has a spiked skull? Apparently, Smartphone users are growing spikes. Newsweek. Long read. BBC Future. Adapting to modern life. Bones tell the tale.
  • Glass floor phobia. Justified. America Tourists 2019, Glass floor cracked - Twisted Sifter. China Tourists 2017, Glass floor Prank. CNET. China Tourists 2015,  Glass floor NOT a PRANK. USA Today

Wendy's Coffeehouse Guests - 

6/16/19 - Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne - Helping Ghosts to move on and dealing with Psychic Kids. Laura's 4 year old daughter started talking to dead people Mom could not see. And then a dead child moved in. It wasn't a game.
6/23/19 - Astrology by Moonrabbit. Linda Zlotnik started doing Death Charts after her twin sister died in 2005. Helping to resolve the loss of a loved one.
6/30/19 - Gerard AartsenThe Sea of Consciousness, The Invisible Ocean. Featuring 2 articles by George Adamski. George Adamski’s [Space Brothers] philosophy and teaching were far ahead of their time and are now finding confirmation at the very forefront of 21st-century scientific thinking. (Contactee - "Inside the Space Ships", 1955, New print 2014)

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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