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May 6, 2019

Shelley Kaehr, Beyond Reality, Evidence of Parallel Universes. What if?

“Yes, I am white now,' said Gandalf. 'Indeed I am Saruman, one might almost say, Saruman as he should have been.” - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers, Goodreads.

OddsnEnds - 
  • Outstanding tweet with photo - Indian Army claimed a Yeti sightingCNN.
  • Similar in foot size to the one Avrel Seale shared on the cover of his book, Monster Hike
  • Related historical archive story worth noting: Possible Bigfoot reference in Wild Bill Cody's Autobiography. While acting as a scout for the US Army, he related a story the Pawnee Indians told of a long ago race of giant men, three times the size of a human being. Texas Cryptid Hunter
  • And, more recently, report of a Sasquatch sighting in Oregon. Pamplin Media. Follow up on that sighting and Scot Violette's quest to prove evidence of Bigfoot. Squatch Oregon.
  • Deeming Coffee is not vital for survival, the Swiss government will no longer stockpile it. Expect arguments to the contrary. Final decision in November. Reuters.
  • Update - Russian Spy Whale - knows how to fetch. The Dodo.   
  • Hiding in plain view. This "Creature"- haunting a child's bedroom - was finally busted and re-homed. Yep, kids everywhere know this story: an 'imaginary' phantom turns out to be real. The Dodo. (Opossum)

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Shelly Kaehr, Do we exist in Parallel Universes? 

Beyond Reality, Evidence of Parallel Universes. Preview the book on Amazon.

When I read Shelley Kaehr's book, I had no idea about her Past Life specialty. Doing the research prior to setting up an interview, I discovered she had an extensive background and - obviously - the timing was no coincidence. Talking with her, it is clear, we share some similar interests. I also have several upcoming interviews touching on the theme of past lives.

Shelley Kaehr, The Past Life Lady. Site. This introduction is from an event in Granbury, Texas.

One of the stories we covered - In a dream, Shelley identified a location she felt she had been before and, in sharing the dream information with a friend, was surprised to learn the friend had the very same dream experience and remembered the two of them being together in the dream.

She has given me that story to share in an upcoming guest blog.

wendy reads Beyond Reality
Preview Beyond Reality on Amazon
An incredible story we don't cover is in Chapter 13. Shelley was giving a talk and relating the story of a friend who died in a hiking accident.

One of the attendees happened to have been with that friend at the time of the accident.

Shelley described seeing an apparition of the deceased friend. The attendee told her the  clothes she described the apparition wearing were accurate, something she had never known.

I added a personal story. To this day, my Mom still can't figure out how she avoided an accident (in the past year) that could have been tragic.

One minute she was heading into an unavoidable collision, frantically thinking which of the worst options would be the best course - and the next minute - she was beyond it.

No collision, no close call, no accident. 

I have yet to get her to draw the diagram of the situation and describe the experience in writing, as it happened. She is still trying to wrap her brain around it and - it might be - writing it down clarifies an impossible - as possible. A reality that could have happened but didn't (Thankfully.) and still boggles the mind.

I have past life memories and dreams that suggest parallel life encounters and other experiences that challenge what is considered 'normal' reality. For that matter, each and every day - my 'normal' is 'beyond reality'. By now, it's clear there are others who experience this stuff too.

We explore and discover. Shelley and I will talk more.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious. 

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