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May 20, 2019

Lee Harris Channels the Zs, Energy Speaks (and Sings), plus the usual OddsnEnds roundup.

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." - Morpheus Source.

OddsnEnds -
  • Picard - Welcome back. New Trek series launches. StarTrek.com.
  • Scrubbing viruses from the air with plasma. MSN video.
  • People who hear from deceased loved ones6 out of 10. Check the results of this study. (And opt not to share that info.) University of Milan researchers classify that perk as quirk - rather:  hallucination. Telegraph. Speaking from experience, I have heard, seen, sensed and smelled (fragrance and smoke) deceased persons, related and otherwise, and it is not a hallucination. That said, as viewed by their study, the contact is still considered a disorder. 
  • Meet Orville and Cheryl Murphy, owners of the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas. Guest speakers at the KC Paracon August 9/-10 in Kansas City.
  • Alien Expo - sponsored by Cumulus Sister station NewsTalk 98.7, Aug 17-18, Knoxville, Tennessee - Master of Ceremonies is a name familiar to KC. Cheryll Jones. Link
  • How to find a lost cat? Tell the neighborhood cats to find your cat and ask him to return home. Apparently, this has been successful (with dogs too) in Japan. Source.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Lee Harris, Channel for the Zs. Energy Speaks.

Endorsement: “Lee Harris may be the most insightful, authentic, and caring energy empath I have met in a lifetime of seeking.” — Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

If you are unfamiliar with Lee and his work, here's an introduction and background on his book, Energy Speaks.


Lee offers a monthly energy update. What's up for this month? Check in.

We talk about how he started channeling. How the first Z appeared and then two more before it morphed into simply, the Zs. Encouragement he received when he shared the messages helped him to push forward and offer the content to a wider audience.

Information included in the book is from some of the most popular subjects covered earlier by the Zs. No surprise here: Sex is a hot topic.
Preview on Amazon

In the last segment, I asked for a demonstration, if it was appropriate. He agreed and channeled a message relevant for the moment. There is no dramatic change of voice or delivery, he can connect and hear the Z's to share messages at any time. Lee is a conscious channel and that delivery is easy to listen to.

Music is also a very strong element in his life but - that is for another show. Follow the link and you will find his music and his passion. Do we talk about that? No. But you can Listen.

About those reviews for Energy Speaks: 99 percent are 5 star on Amazon.
Read on.

Are you a sensitive and want feedback or to connect with others who are also noticing this shift in awareness? Check out the community Lee has created. The Portal.

Interesting links:
  • Sound Therapist Joanna McEwen TEDx on the impact of Vibration and Frequency on Serendipity. Exploring the possibility of sound healing. I am paraphrasing here, she addresses using the process of entrainment to shift a stressed cell into a more coherent state. That happens when the stressed cells are overlaid with sound patterns from healthy cells.
  • Deeper into the rabbit hole, this segment on an interview with Clinical Psychologist Mario Pazzaglini references entrainment of a different sort, having to do with language and symbols and information carried in sound and form beyond the simple text.
  • Advancing beyond those specialties to the story of an Experiencer where that information is actually part of the encounter. Energy, sound and symbol. Read Jim Sparks: The Keepers. Foreword by Dr. John Mack. 

Why these links? Because I channel too (I enjoyed talking with Lee) and the visual sequence last night, given to me as I shut my eyes to go to sleep is part of the connection.

It started with geometric shapes that morphed into patterns and symbols.

Although they didn't register as familiar, I understood the intent: Transmission of a message that - on some level - I do understand without knowing. Trigger and/or prompt. Images were beautiful and flooded across the landscape, liquid white circles that expanded and then contracted. They overlapped within each other. No dream, these were impressed. The visual created a sense of relaxation. Interspersed within the liquid white circles were nondescript patterns of red and blue. I wanted the experience to continue but, as suddenly as it began, it stopped. And it put me to sleep.

Information is not limited to language. It is also delivered in symbols, sound, images, markers and forms. When we respond to those things that resonate, we call it Synchronicity. In my experiences I have learned the subconscious is indeed active and following a script we may or may not identify, yet that script determines our path. If and when we are predestined to show up, the code is transmitted and we arrive in perfect time.

Nothing here is what it seems. It is much, much more. And we are not alone.

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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