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May 29, 2019

Interview with Hypnotherapist Simon Bown - Host of The Past Life Podcast, plus the Hum Mystery and an Eagle Rescue

It is vital that you realize that you are working with beliefs in your mind. That the real work is done in the mind--and not look for immediate physical results... They will follow as surely and certainly as the 'bad" results followed, and this must be a belief that the good results will come. - The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth.

OddsnEnds -
  • Headline touts Hum Mystery solved. Attributed to birth of underwater Volcano. Live Science.
    Not so fast. The dates are off. And the guy who is researching the global Hum phenom is still on the case. Multiple sources?
  • Gizmodo video link - about the mystery.
  • Do you hear it? Background on the mystery Hum Guy who decided to track and investigate the sound when he realized not everyone could hear it. The Conversation.
  • I follow his newsletter. Need assurance you are not alone (or crazy). Follow the blog here
  • Inside Edition covered the story.
  • Absolutely no fun for those who hear it. They just want it to go away. New Republic. Apparently, sometimes it does go away - but for now - there is no absolute confirmation of one unique source nor indication of a resolution.
  • Bald Eagle rescued from traffic clearly demonstrates extraordinary trust in her Hero. Pictures speak volumes. MSN

Heads up on The Past Life Podcast - In his weekly shows, Hypnotherapist Simon Bown explores the question. "Is there an afterlife".

A recent favorite: Episode 64 with guest Peter Robbins, UFO researcher, writer, author who worked with Alien Abduction Researcher Bud Hopkins, among others.

Simon says one of the goals during a past life regression session is to avoid steering the topic in a way that could be suggestive or might influence the outcome of the session. Each session is unique.

In our final break, Simon shares a fascinating personal example of what can happen during a past life regression session. Totally par for the course, he discovers himself in an unusual position that opens the door (Number 13) to profound awareness.

For more depth and description, listen to the YouTube/Episode 1. Simon outlines the plan for the show and introduces himself. He relates his experience from a past life regression session, seeing himself in various incarnations. Then he meets his Spirit Guides. Part 2 includes stories from UVA Reincarnation researcher, Jim Tucker's book, Return to Life.

The positive result of past life regression is the ability to resolve long term issues. And sometimes that happens in a way that defies explanation. No matter. It happens.

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Simon's goal in booking his guests is to present evidence for life after death. A wide open field and one I also enjoy exploring.

Given that I sometimes bump into them (deceased) during visits to haunted houses or when providing a reading, I have no doubt of an afterlife.

However, the more stories we share, the better the understanding and awareness of the reality and the subtle clues that indicate their presence. Reincarnation takes it to another level and fills in more blanks.

I also bookmarked: Episode 56Cathy Byrd [The Boy who Knew Too Much], mother of Christian Haupt. His past life memories as baseball great Lou Gehrig are astonishing and offer incredible evidence affirming the possibility of reincarnation.

Episode 65: Anabela Cardoso, Electronic Contact with the Dead, Amazon.What do the Voices Tell Us?

In a previous Wendy's Coffeehouse interview/podcast archives, I spoke with Tom Butler from the Association for Transcommunication. about EVP and ITC. There is no Death.

Another interesting angle on that is Callum Cooper's Telephone Calls from the Dead. The following link offers historical background and a review.

Connect with Simon Bown for a past life regression session:
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And his group on Facebook.

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious. 

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