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Apr 16, 2019

Wendie Colter and Dr. Paul Mills - Ground-breaking Study on Medical Intuition

"I view energetic information as if I am watching 'movies' or pictures from my client's life." - Wendie Colter, Medical Intuitive, Subtle Energies Magazine. The Healing Power of Permission.pdf.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Wendie Colter - "Groundbreaking new study on Medical Intuition in hospital setting allows the research to be submitted to peer reviewed journals."

OddsnEnds - 

  • Frankenscience continues. Human intelligence gene inserted into Monkeys. Aliens did that already? Revisiting Ancient Aliens and Erich von Däniken … Monkeys, Genes and Intelligence. Gaia.
  • Brain Cloud Interface is coming [Aka: B-CL]. Insert nanobots into Human body - create Global Super Brain. Source.
  • The Ferret and the Particle Accelerator. Meet Felicia. Atlas Obscura.
  • Found swimming in the ocean - 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. Miracle Dog. USA Today.
  • 25 min of elect stim to certain parts of the brain can help boost an aging brain. Memory jumpstart. UPI. Source.
  • Garlic as memory enhancer? Alzheimer's Study on Mice, Newsweek, related to gut health.
  • 97 percent accuracy - the rate at which Dogs can sniff out Lung Cancer. USA Today.
  • Who can evict an aggressive Ghost when an exorcist doesn't work? Metro. And the Ghost departed. Answer: The Glade Foundation
  • Crime watch - Busted, rogue Roomba. NPR.
Intuition basics. An introduction with Wendie Colter.

What Is Intuition?
from The Practical Path on Vimeo.

Every manifestation of imbalance, illness or disease has a traumatic event at its core. - Wendie Colter

Wendie is a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP), founder and CEO of The Practical Path, presenting educational programs for professional and personal intuitive development. Bio.

In hearing about the new study, I believe this is a wonderful step in a positive direction and gives Energy Workers the necessary scientific validation to credit their results, facilitating wider application and greater access to healing practices that produce life-enhancing results.

"The Practical Path announces a ground-breaking study on Medical Intuition at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine. Dr. Paul Mills, is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health at UCSD. The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioners will be working closely Dr. Mills and the Center of Excellence. This full-scope study will be the first of its kind to study this unique skill."

Even more fantastic, prior to the study, results achieved by Medical Intuitives in assessing potential health issues and likely precursors. Wendie quotes a few in our interview. Dr. Mills suggests an optimistic timeline for study completion is about 18 months. Make a donation and/or track the progress. Follow the Blog. And there are classes for Medical Intuitive Training. Testimonials.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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