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Apr 19, 2019

AI, Sci-Fi and Calvin Parker's UFO encounter revisited and fully disclosed. Unforgettable Pascagoula.

"Aliens will evolve until they are pure, willful conscious energy - and maybe even something beyond that. They long ago realized that biology and ones and zeroes in machines was literally too rudimentary to be very functional. True advanced intelligence will be spirit-like - maybe even on par with some people's ideas of ghosts." - Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist, Why Haven't We Met Aliens Yet? Because They've Evolved Into AI. Motherboard.

Spooky, Sci-Fi, Offbeat and Odd -
  • Bees survive Note Dame blaze? Drunk on smoke. Independent.UK
  • UFO from the window seat - splits into multiples. Source.
  • New Nessie video - via Grandson of a previous witness. Source.
  • Stops traffic. Beaver hauls equivalent of small tree across road. UPI.
  • Twilight Zone bummer. Episode 1 free links ['The Comedian'] have expired. Vulture. Follow CBS All Access.
  • The Orville gains traction. Space likes it.
  • Star Trek Discovery scores a solid review from Vulture. Space not yet on board. Flip side. Trekmovie fans looking forward to Season 3.
  • Watching for The Expanse season 4 release date - The cast is out and about. Source.
  • Doppelganger. Cat returns after his funeral. Mlive.

Upstaging Sci-Fi fiction/fantasy. UFO real. Pascagoula - the closest encounter.  My Story, Calvin Parker. The Granddaddy of all fishing stories. Tired of misinformation around the event and wanting to avoid a hijacked story line, Calvin demanded the book be written in his own words. Philip Mantle honored his wishes. No edits and no corrections. The real deal.

Calvin says he hopes to get someone to help him create drawings of the female alien he saw on the ship. He considers the other beings he encountered to be robots. A recent interview.


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This story recently added a new twist and additional credibility. More witnesses have come forward. Source. One witness says she avoided saying anything at the time because she was afraid of what people might think and she saw what those who did talk went through. In her 70's now, she says that is no longer an issue. People can believe her or not.

For a long time, Calvin Parker kept a low profile for the same reason. He now has a similar view. People can believe it or not. He's comfortable telling his part of the story.

Pascagoula - the closest encounter. My Story, Calvin Parker. 
Preview on Amazon

Amazon Reviews:

5 Stars - Kiwiana76:  I've read a ton of books on Contact experiences and this is by FAR the best thing between two covers I've read. The sheer amount of evidence makes it worth it, and the testimonies of both Calvin and Charlie (via transcript from HIS book) are so compelling it's hard to put it down.

5 Stars - Ken Korczak: Even as a teenager, I was profoundly struck by the fact that such an amazing account was presented in two mainstream newspapers. It gave the story an added jolt of legitimacy to my young mind. Now 45 years later, that feeling remains.

Wendy's Coffeehouse -

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