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Mar 1, 2019

Odd Jobs, Alien Abduction Therapy, ETs, UFOs, Chocolate, ROUSes, etc...

"The eternal Being we represent is able to focus attention on many things at once. We are that attention; we personify eternity's interest in time." - Ken Carey, Vision. Endorsement: 'A survival guide for the twenty-first century - profound, prophetic and practical.' - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of  'On Death and Dying'.

OddsnEnds -

  • Chocoholic Dream Job. Pro Chocolate Taster. Salary plus Benefits. (Cadbury) Source.
  • Freeloader Busted at Burger King. Garden variety ROUS? Wrong! Brilliant. Source
  • Tireless sleuths make sure TV Psychics are on the up and up. Source.
  • Legal Rights are a game changer for Lake Erie. Mother Jones.
  • Unknown. Theirs or ours? Out of the ordinary. Leicestershire Triangle UFO. Source.
  • George Knapp, Harry Reid and more info on AAWSAP. Bonus: Transcript on this Blog.
  • Greenlighted for a second season, (Deadline. Yeah!) Project Blue Book. Interview with Aiden Gillen (Dr. Hynek). Source. Believer? Yes. Experiencer? Read the story.
  • Infrared Vision via injection. Works in Mice. Source.
  • Study of Deathbed Dreams and Visions. "It turns out, when we have little time left, many of us may see the people we miss the most." Source.
  • Related Study last words of the dying. Dr. Raymond Moody and Lisa Smartt. Words at the Threshold. Main site: Final Words Project.

Heads up: Experiencers. You are not alone - or crazy. And there is support dealing with an encounter, the likes of which, many refuse to acknowledge or simply deny. I have an interview booked with Hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald, featured in this segment on Vice. This 'contact' phenom is not going away.


When I spoke with Laurie, she talked about meeting experiencers across the globe - even traveling to China to connect with experiencers there. As more people come forward with their stories, it is clear - there are no definitive answers. Number of people affected? Purpose?

Her goal right now is to help empower those who are gob-smacked in the face of a reality we are told can not exist and made to feel silly and naïve for suggesting otherwise.

Maybe 'contact' is the ultimate method of disclosure. One body at a time. Contact and personal encounters shift reality. That changes everything. How it changes is what remains to be seen.

Another interview with Laurie McDonald - Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot. Link.

Related content -  

Based on a True Story Podcast revisits Whitley Strieber's Communion. Link. (I remember ditching my copy of the book in the 90's because I didn't want to see the cover. Too spooky.)

I kept Ruth Montgomery's Strangers Among Us and Ken Carey's The Starseed Transmissions and Return of the Bird Tribes. They were friendlier. More on Carey's books. Link. Carey's books are a treasured resource. Speaking to that is a specific line from Whitley's endorsement on Return of the Bird Tribes: "It is a joyous essential book."

A recent post from Whitley details - a new close encounter and implies a sense of urgency in delivering a message. Deadline fast approaching: March 31. Follow the blog.

Animal Companions - 

I am reminded as I add a new accessory to the fish tank, my Beta - Henry is very aware of his surroundings and might not enjoy this new toy. 

I let him assess the new decoration and
Henry's UFO. He rushed forward when I invited
him to be in the shot. He shows little interest in the Cow.
 it seems he has no objection. I get the camera to show off our cool addition.

Henry is floating behind the Beta log, peering out at me as I focus on the shot. 

I motion to him to come forward if he wants to be included. Immediately, he darts to the front. I admit I had not expected such a quick response. 

I'll interpret that as a positive vote. It might be he likes the color: Orange. That image doesn't do the color justice.  

Fish have feelings too. NOVA.

Wendy's Coffeehouse - 
3/3/19 - Encore Broadcast, 8p central time - KCMO Talk Radio 710 AM - Irena Scott, PhD - 'Sacred Corridors: Secrets behind the real Project Blue Book, Wright-Patterson AFB, Roswell, Battelle, Memory Metal, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and UFO Cover-ups.' Also an experiencer since childhood, she and her sister could corroborate their encounters. That story is 'Inside the Lightning Ball.' And what a story. …

3/10/19 - Feng Shui - Eventually those who do Feng Shui encounter ghosts. Denise Liotta-Dennis on the shadow element.

3/17/19 - Director Lance Mungia. Third Eye Spies - Two Stanford physicists discover Psychic abilities are real, only to have their experiments co-opted by the CIA and their research silenced.

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