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Mar 11, 2019

Denise Liotta-Dennis, Ghosts and Feng Shui

"To live is to be haunted." - Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, Goodreads.

OddsnEnds - 

  • Would you believe forgetting uses more energy than remembering? UT News.
  • Eat to live longer. If 100 years sounds appealing. Okinawa Diet. MSN.
  • Smart people. Stupid mistakes. LifeHacker.
  • Michigan Unexplained. March, 1994. 25 years ago, hundreds of people saw UFOs. MSN.
  • Zimbabwe Unexplained. Later that year, September 14, reports of odd lights in the sky. September 16th was a much bigger event: the Ariel encounter - witnessed by more than one hundred school children. mg.co.
    - The downside of that very real encounter - voiced by an experiencer: 
    "You want to know the real message here? The real message is that this stuff can brand you for life. It undermined Mack’s credibility, became this huge unending thing for others, and it certainly fucked me up. I mean, try telling people that you live in permanent fear of these things returning one day."
    "Try telling them that you can actually sense when they’re back in our atmosphere. They’ll think you’re a kook. All this lot do,” she said, casting mock-angry eyes down the bar at a fellow boozer, who raised his glass and said: “True, but we love you anyway, Sê.”
  • The Ariel Phenomenon movie is (once again) slated to be out this year. Site.

Master Denise Liotta-Dennis practices Classical Feng Shui. Her books include Hollywood's Fatal Feng Shui - what NOT to do. 10 Celeb examples of EXTRA poor Feng Shui. Blog post - previous interview.]

Denise says anyone who practices Feng Shui will eventually have to work with Ghosts - they are simply part of working with energy. Interview 3/10/19 Wendy's Coffeehouse

A few notes from Denise from the interview: 
Ghosts and Feng Shui - Denise Liotta-Dennis

Some reasons ghosts can haunt a house or business:
• Located next to a graveyard
• DEL (Death and Empty Lines or degrees) 180°, 270°, 0/360° and 90°
• Empty for long periods of time (foreclosure)
• The ghost is attached and has history with the site
• Vortices and lei line create a ripe or window to slip into our dimension

Example case 1: Fountain Hills, AZ. - I consulted with a couple who built a home in the mountainous area of Fountain Hills, Arizona. When I took a compass direction at the front door, it was 180°; the back door was at 0°. The lines crossed and intersected in the master bedroom area. The client told me after moving in, for the first three months, she was dizzy all the time. Her two small sons (7 and 9 years old at the time) were too afraid to sleep in their beds; they said they saw ghosts. Her husband would wake up every night, without fail, to some weird time like 2:22AM.

Case 2: Phoenix, AZ. - Another client had a female ghost in the house. She was very attached to the home as she had lived there for over 50 years! After the woman died, her son inherited the property. He tried to keep tenants for over three years, but they all left because of the ghost. He finally decided to sell; this is when my clients bought the house. I was invited to Feng Shui the home, and do an energy clearing because of its history.

Video - The Urban Monk interviews Denise. Link.
Other books by Denise include, Feng Shui That Rocks the House and Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty and Longevity. Link.

Sample review -
“Denise Liotta Dennis’s “Classical Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance” is by far one of the best guides on Feng Shui I’ve ever read. The principles of Feng Shui and all of the dimensions with respect to the different energies, dimensions, and applications in the home, business, and even in choosing a community to live and thrive within are all covered in a nice overarching introduction.

It may be a little overwhelming at first for the person who is new to the definitions and intricacies that are into this, but Dennis provides a nice, organized structure with an easy to follow narrative style throughout the work. Some of the principles with respect to qi, or chi – the energies associated with Eastern practice were terms I had learned in various degrees of my own education, but there was a nice overview of that towards the beginning of the book, and the expansion and application of these principles among others were well adapted.

I would highly recommend this narrative for a both an informative and practical application into Feng Shui.” - Reviewed by Rose, April 6, 2013, rated 5 of 5 stars ★★★★★

Connect with Denise at Dragon Gate Feng Shui. http://dragongatefengshui.com

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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