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Jan 28, 2019

Paranormal Activity - Contact from the Spirit Plane

Fear turns mice into dragons. Understand fear and dragons dissolve. - Talking to Nightlights

The spiritual metamorphosis I underwent with the nightlight encounter and learning to be a Channel, included what I'll just refer to as psychic overwhelm. I was interacting with various entities and my own Spirit Guides and trying to negotiate the process.

Hoping to preempt an onslaught of imagined unpleasantness, I told my guides, rather demanded: "I don't want to see dead people." Their response: "They aren't dead, they're energy." I felt like a 3 year old toddler. Poof. Dragon gone.

Somehow, that image made all the difference in the world. I realized it wasn't about the "dead" it was my projections that frightened me. I had to let go of that to 'see' what was really there. So - doing it the easy way - my easy Dragon-avoidance-just-in-case way -  I shut off my sight and tuned in my hearing and sensing insight and it calmed everything down.
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Now, almost a couple of decades after my first public events demonstrating channeling and contact with a deceased person, I continue to engage energies and entities in various forms and have opted for the label Intuitive. It's friendlier and the dead don't stop in as frequently. When they do, they don't linger.

Earlier this month (01/2019), I was invited to check out paranormal activity in a building near the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

Given the history, that area has lots of active energy and any facility that houses antiques and collectibles also houses spirits. FYI - Proximity to cemeteries, museums, antique stores and other haunted houses also factors into hauntings.

That visit is the subject of this show - Wendy's Coffeehouse - turns out there was someone there who needed me to deliver a message. The name started with a J. And there was another reason for the visit.

I also talk about it here: Conscious Living on Empower Radio.
Interview with Windbridge Certified Medium Traci Bray. She is local (Kansas City).

These kinds of experiences deserve more attention to increase awareness - especially when children and pets are present - that the energy of a space can influence residents (and in some cases cause extreme discomfort and stress). It isn't imaginary. It is a natural part of being in a physical body with the ability to sense non-physical presence. Most of us have that ability even if we don't realize it. Many simply block it. I can understand - but - that invisible element is part of the curriculum. Step up from 101.

Don't slay the Dragon, engage it. And the Mouse is revealed.  

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