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Nov 4, 2018

Reality bites - UFOs, Ghosts and other Un-real challenges taunt our artificially placid 'reality' present

The dead do haunt the living when the business is unfinished. As do the living haunt the dead when pining a goodbye ill-timed. Departures allow for a change in scene. While the quantum flows on. In a blink, I remember.

OddsnEnds -
  • Best Job on the planet? Puptern. Playing with dogs. Texas. Deadline: 11/12/18.
  • Countdown on for the "last generation that can Save Nature." CNN
  • Head in the sand? Noting the ho hum response to a Canadian UFO sighting. Jim Bruce saw something incredible in the sky on September 30, 2018. Tried to report it and ran into a brick wall of hang ups. The Guardian
  • Why we should take UFO sightings seriously. Cosmos Magazine
  • On the flip side, Conspiracies (Reptilians and Vaccines) to abstain from. The Guardian
  • One Step Beyond - based on true accounts of "permanent record" The Death Waltz. Parting upended.
  • Spooky chills. The Haunting of Hill House. Wired says first 6 episodes nail it. For an episode by episode armchair scare-o-meter, Vulture has a breakdown.
  • Dissecting the deviation from original (Shirley Jackson) form. Director Mike Flanagan weighs in. Vulture 

Earth Watchman Sighted Massive UFO.  One of the YouTube channels I follow and flagged for the title. MrMBB333: "I can't believe I actually SAW it and They are VERY real." He explains his right place, right time capture and underscores why sightings are difficult to document.

Follow his main site at https://www.mrmbb333.com/

Fascinating example of reality beyond our present knowing and the challenge presented when it comes to proof.

This visual required: 1/advanced tech, 2/pointed in the right direction, 3/at the right time, 4/ by someone curious enough to have an interest. And then there is the counter argument that whatever proof exists is being suppressed.

Disclosure happens one proof/individual experience at a time. Eventually, the tide turns and dots connect. Take away? Personal experience is more validating than anecdotal evidence. Regardless of the science behind it. However, in the big scheme of things, Science fills the void.

Baby steps. And forward we go.

Next post and show - Orb pics, Stanley Hotel Ghosts and Guardian Angels.

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious. 

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