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Nov 12, 2018

Jonathan Fink examines Synchronicity in 'The Baseball Gods are Real' - with a surprise nugget on Reincarnation

“As a man, casting off worn out garments taketh new ones, so the dweller in the body, entereth into ones that are new.” - Epictetus Quotes

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Jonathan Fink - A true story about Baseball and Spirituality

Jonathan Fink and I had a 'chance' meeting at Floating KC. (He includes an incredible float experience in the book.)
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When his winning track record as a successful investment manager soured, Jonathan experienced a personal crisis. Long story short., he repositioned himself during the market downturn and chose to revise his core goals.

Rebooting his practice of meditation, enthusiasm recharged through his love for baseball, he began to track his manifesting results and noticed important cues and clues that helped guide his progress.

Jonathan labels specific experiments and shares his methods of  manifesting intentional results. Progress wasn't limited to a specific end-point. It could also be a positive trend, followed by continued focus on an upgrade, affirming improvement as a win.

Then again, the end points were pretty impressive - especially to a baseball fan (World Series tickets).  There are also some paranormal elements that factor in. More fodder for the curious.

That UFO link and the sports connections? BBC. That's another book.

One of the most interesting aspects of Jonathan's journey is a sidestep, deep-dive exploration of Past Lives and Reincarnation. Curiosity and interest (Baseball) drew him to connect with Cathy Byrd and her son, Christian Haupt - thought to be a reincarnated Lou Gehrig.

This story is slated to become a film. Deadline. You can read the book: The Boy Who Knew Too Much/Amazon. The details are incredible.

What's more, Jonathan's story includes more than a few fascinating parallels in the connection between his own son and Christian Haupt. While 'The Baseball Gods are Real' teases that storyline, it requires more time to play out. He plans an update in subsequent books as he continues to explore potential past life common threads.

No doubt the Baseball Gods will check in.

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My second interview with Jonathan continues beyond what we covered in the KCMO conversation. - Link: Empower Radio

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