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Nov 8, 2018

Contemplating Sixto Paz, F.R.E.E., Daniel Ruzo, Aliens and Sci-Fi short film: "In Captivity"

“The alien encounter experience seems almost like an outreach program from the cosmos to the consciously impaired." - Harvard psychiatry professor, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. John Mack

In a recent video, Experiencer Rey Hernandez co-founder of FREE - Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters - includes images of the beings he saw. Angels, Plasma beings, Aliens? A very important footnote. Of the thousands who responded to the FREE survey, a majority reported contact that did not include "abduction". They also considered their experience a positive influence. I also took that survey and my experiences mirror that. Participation was anonymous. (Our interview in the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives.)

["UU: But, in RAMA, one can prepare oneself to have contact?

Sixto Paz: Naturally, one can prepare to have contacts, but it always depends more on them than it does on us. What one must do simply is to sensitize oneself. One must learn to relax, to try to control one's mind with meditation.

What happened is this - five thousand years ago when ET's had tight contact with various colonies in India, these were the same exercises that they taught them - meditation, introspection - to fortify their will. What they taught was to fortify their will so they couldn't be manipulated, not by anyone or anything ...not by ET's nor by their own consciousness."

According to the ET's, man can create that in which he believes. If we believe that there is hope in the world and if we make a responsible promise for (the world), we can get the world to change. If, on the contrary, we think that things have no solution, we are self-programming our own destruction. Even the 16th century prophet Nostradamus said that the future is reversible. The prophesies were made not so they would happen, but so they WOULDN'T happen.

There are many people who want the prophesies to come to pass, but no, it is a truth that will help us to modify the future. How many people dreamed that they might die woke up and did something about it, like the people who ripped their ticket for passage on the Titanic in two? These people CHANGED their future. It is easier to change the future of an individual than to change the future of many people, but this, too, can be done. We must only try.

The ET's tell us that the world is a "big project", we are NOT laboratory rats, our world is NOT a farm as some SCIENCE FICTION writers in the United States who write about ABDUCTIONS and kidnappings (by aliens), all of this talk is an assembly of what is called: THE POLITICS OF POISONING OF INFORMATION, putting into people's heads a contradiction of the truth.]

Source: UFO Universe, Vol. 1, No. 3, June/July 1991. Sixto Paz, The Man Who Calls Down Flying Saucers by Lisa Rome

'In Captivity' - Endangered Humans - the perks and the window. After spending his entire life on display, Jim discovers they're about to change the exhibit.

Film by Michael Koerbel.
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Related - Earth end times and a built-in escape plan? Apparently, it has something to do with the sacred rock-art sites scattered around the planet.

"These works are found in different places on earth, very removed from one another, repeating the same symbols, and with one thing in common: they are found around sacred mountains, temples of lost humanity, so they won’t be forgotten and that they may serve one more time to purify and save humanity." - Daniel Ruzo,  "Marcahuasi: The Story of a Fantastic Discovery", first published in the Spanish language in 1974. Ruzo (1900-1993) Source

The expedition: Maracahuasi Link.

Upcoming interview Wendy's Coffeehouse, Synchronicity and Conscious manifesting: The Baseball Gods are Real, Jonathan Fink. Interview continuation from our Empower Radio conversation: Link.

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