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Oct 31, 2018

Weston haunted. Engaging paranormal occupants unseen. Happy Halloween!

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." - Aldous Huxley, Quotes.

OddsnEnds - 
  • He says possession is rare - but real. And he's the 'go-to guy for Exorcists'. - CNN
  • Kansas City Haunts - Real Trauma, Real Ghosts in and near KC. Visit KC
  • Game time = Men in Black + Ghostbusters. MovieWeb

KC Haunts -
As part of a paranormal group, I visited one business in Lenexa a few years ago that sold and has since remained vacant. Actively haunted. The owner decided to sell after multiple attempts by various groups failed to calm the place. Concerned about the chaos and for her [at the time] teenage daughter working alone in the building.

Noted: ongoing encounters with ghosts. Visitors, including children, reported sightings of  a young child standing near the checkout counter. Some reported being touched.

Verna Kowertz, Owner,
Main Street Galleria, Weston, Missouri

Ghost Tales of Weston had an unexpected highlight this year.

Two visitors came up for the day and happened to capture a very unique photo of something standing near a window of a vacant room in the Saint George Hotel. The photo soon went viral and was reported on a local TV station.

Only after the two stopped in for lunch across the street at Main Street Galleria did they discover the haunted history of the hotel.

A staple on the annual ghost tour, stories about the hotel include the past history and current ghost encounters.

Curious? Book room 308, 306 or 302 
and then consider the ghosts inhabit the entire building.
One of the most chilling present day encounters involved a local high school student who had just started working at the hotel when she tried to change a burned out light bulb.

Standing on a ladder, she witnessed the bulb turn - by itself - in the socket. And then it shattered.

She immediately resigned and wanted nothing else to do with the building. I know the long-time news reporter who relayed that story. The girl was a friend of his daughter.

I sat across from Chris Williams at the Ghost Tales event last year and heard him talk about his experience in a Saint George hotel bathroom. He posted part of that story on this site.

The last few sentences sum it up. "My heart was racing, and my BP was elevated. The whispers subsided the minute she (his wife) came for me, and as soon as I was calmed down enough, I exited through the back door. I didn’t want to be alone, for fear that I drop dead. There is a lot more to the story, but it’s a lot to type right now. This made me a true believer, and it truly scared me, almost to death."

Scents and spooky ambiance on the Weston Ghost Tour.
Weston visitors have the luxury of opting whether to believe.

Residents and those who work in local businesses are confronted with a different reality when they discover that the encounters have nothing to do with belief.

Denial won't make a ghost go away.

Weston is a hot spot for paranormal activity. Fair warning - much of the town is haunted.

One very active location at this time is the Weston Bend Candle Company. Results are expected in the next week or two from the recent investigation by a paranormal group. Looking forward to sharing the details. They did offer a hint as they left the building. Something to the effect that it was, "...a very active night".

Halloween Treat (and trick) - Ghostwatch, a British reality–horror/mockumentary television movie, first broadcast on BBC1 on 31 October (Halloween), 1992. Subsequently banned from British TV (for being unreal). Part 1 on Vimeo. You'll find Part 2 there as well.

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Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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