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Oct 22, 2018

The Premonition Code with Julia Mossbridge: Remote viewing and Precognition, plus a few notes on UFOs, Experiencer Research and Consciousness

If prevision be a fact, it is a fact which destroys absolutely the entire basis of all our past opinions of the universe. -  J.W. Dunne, Experiment with Time. Relevant video - then jump to T.C. Lethbridge, who believed ETs had a role in shaping human evolution.

Gregg Braden's newest book presents the case that the current view of evolution is not supported by science. He suggests we are Human by Design.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Are you a Precog?

OddsnEnds -
  • Common theme among UFO contactees is increased interest in environmental issues (Ariel Phenomenon). Ex-wife of Rolling Stones drummer echoes that. Quoted in Mirror about her sighting in Brazil (1990s), Jo Wood says, "I was looking down and these green orbs came right up and went right by our windows. I’ve been obsessed with aliens ever since. She's also on a mission to clean up the planet. Her new podcast: Jo's Alien Nation.
  • Highlights in this interview with Little Punk People, Elliot Fullam and Ace Frehley/KISS, talk about Space, Guitars, UFOs and Aliens.
  • Halloween film binge? PizzaFlix. Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, 1959, The Bat.
  • This is the book Rey Hernandez and I talked about (Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview): FREE Experiencer Research Study -"5 years of detailed responses to 3 extensive surveys taken by more than 4,200 individuals in over 100 countries." Pdf preview link.
  • Precognition episode from the series One Step Beyond: EMERGENCY ONLY. Purported to be based upon a true story. You decide. Link YouTube
  • What a gift - to dream your exam questions ahead of time. The Robert Moss Dream Blog includes that story on E.A.Wallis Budge "who recounted the episode to his friend H. Rider Haggard, the famous author of King Solomon's Mines and She, and Haggard retold it in his autobiography." Link.
What can *Science tell us about precognition? Neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge is providing data to validate the ability. Ever had a sense of deja vu or a dream that revealed an event that later came to pass? You might find support in this information, along with exercises and tests designed to help enhance or improve those skills.

Julia Mossbridge, walks me through a Positive Precog Training session in our interview. This is the video demo she refers to. Link. Watch and then sign up to test your ability.

I was very surprised at my result. At the outset, I talked about how it looked like leaves. Then I tried to describe it and make sense of it. That was taking it too linear. However, what I saw gave me a very good idea of how to improve by not over-thinking it.

Results are tracked for research if you give your consent. Play without being tracked or practice a few times before sharing your stats, that's okay too.

The Premonition Code - Website.
Amazon - Preview.
Positive Precog Training link.
*Peer-reviewed study on precognition cited in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, source NCBI.Gov.

More thoughts from Julia on Precognition and her hope to connect and develop a Precog network: Facebook Live. Upcoming Events include Controlled Precognition 101 with Remote Viewer John Vivanco. For details and to Enroll.

- A personal precog experience involves my work as a traffic reporter. Last 'dream' before waking up. I am at the scene of an accident. Standing on the road. It is dark and I can see only one car involved in an accident and a white box truck at the scene. Ambulance workers are loading two people on stretchers and I am aware of a woman who is now standing beside me. She tells me it will be okay because she has worked with teenagers. I was there to help but can leave now. I woke up. 

I got to work about 45 minutes later and the accident recovery was still in progress. A car with 4 teenagers. Their designated driver lost control of the vehicle when he unexpectedly ran into a patch of low-lying fog. All of the teens were injured. -

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Thank you for listening!
Stay curious. 

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