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Oct 3, 2018

Sci-Fi Short Film - 'Double Trouble' and misc links... Nessie, Owls, UFO, Baking, Muppets and the Goblin

Amy Pond: 'I thought... well, I started to think you were just a madman with a box.'
The Doctor: 'Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me, 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it. [He Smiles] I am definitely a madman with a box.' - Steven Moffat, Doctor Who, Tardis wiki

OddsnEnds -
  • Still looking for Planet X. Until then, meet a dwarf planet 2-and-a-half times farther away from the Sun than Pluto with a 40,000 year orbit and a cool title: the Goblin
  • "As a result of a recent loss of employment, I’ve had a lot of time open up."- Quote from most recent Nessie sighting. The Press and Journal 
  • Just in time for Halloween. Horror Baking Show. On Netflix. With Muppets.
  • Didn't get your Owl from Hogwarts? Here's the culprit: YouTube
  • Owls and Contact. Mike Clelland's interview is in the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives. Here's his presentation at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference. YouTube. Published June/2018. Mike is asking his blog readers (referenced in his talk) what they would like to see next. Any interest in an E Book? Connect. Hidden Experience Blog
  • Thanks to Mike, a blog to recommend that covers all sorts of ET, UFO, Unexplained, Weird: At Spiral's End. Truth is better than fiction and so much more strange.
Sci-Fi film short. A shy young man misses the opportunity to talk to the girl of his dreams. He finds a mysterious pocket watch that can turn back time and gets a second chance…

"Double Trouble" is written and directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft. Financed through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the film was shot in September 2013.
Main Site - http://www.watchdoubletrouble.com

Engage -

1/Precognition training and testing site available now: The Premonition Code.
2/Remote Viewing, Dream Crafting and Therapeutic Intention. Develop techniques for mastering these skills and a foundation for achieving the ability to sustain Intentioned Focused Awareness. Online Workshop with Stephan A. Schwartz - Begins Oct. 06, 2018. Sign up at Glidewing.

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