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Aug 20, 2018

Wendy Garrett - About that STE in '97. Paranormal panorama: Unexplained. No walls, no limits.

Answers are relative. Not what they seem when the river-of-truth squirts the quantum realm. Reality is a phantasmic, multi-dimensional, phase-shifting wonderland. Veneer, not a plane, fluid to the core. Know your thoughts and shift accordingly. Answers resonate with your vibration. To each his own illumination, drawn through the loop of infinity. - Talking to Nightlights

OddsnEnds -
  • Space Radio - powered by NASA. Third Rock radio. One small step for Earth radio. Giant leap toward Intergalactic radio streaming? Calling occupants …
  • Purr-fect Chillaxer: Purr generator. Modified from the original. Your Furry Friend
  • Suit that vibrates when asteroids are near. For the friend who has everything. The Verge
  • So you want to see UFOs? No trick to it, no odd mantras, no need to pay $$$. They hear you. Seriously, the link is telepathic. When you are good at sending your thoughts - there is a response. For example: "Summon Events with Robert Bingham" … just a gathering of the curious seeking encounters with the unexplained... His incentive was a sighting, years ago, in the form of a "worm-shaped ship about 20 feet tall, zipping through the clouds." NYTimes
  • Basking Shark sighting - a wow moment. You have the impression of seeing a wise old grandfather, it is beautiful,” said Frederic Bassemayousse, a diver and photographer who has spotted the sharks three times. Source
Plants communicate. Do not wear Chanel #5 around a tomato plant.

Interview coming up with Duncan Laurie. Will share his audio of plants playing along to a Bob Dylan song. He has explored and documented the history of Radionics, including recordings of fascinating sounds from plants and rocks. Sample Rock on Sound Cloud.

Paranormal and Unexplained. Exploring the curious. 
Wendy's Coffeehouse 8//19/18 - Clearing Poltergeists, Psychic Attack, Haunted houses and Atheists in the afterlife. UFO? A few of my experiences. Paranormal and unexplained.

Need to reschedule Walking Through Walls (I love the book). It gave me a launch point to share some personal info on my unconventional background. So we get into that for this segment.

More background I don't get into in the show, about that 1997 STE. Spiritually Transformative Experience. I had no name for my experience other than to state the obvious: Reality shifted. The invisible world found a way to grab my attention and nudge me in a different direction.

To be continued …
Captivated by this new interactive engagement with an invisible being who manipulated my nightlights and sometimes other similar electronic gadgets, I discovered the world we often overlook has a tremendous impact and more than that, is limitless when one is willing to let go of the idea that everything we experience is quantifiable and able to be replicated and/or validated in some sort of scientific method.

Nope. Beyond definition, we are the creators playing ahead of the curve to explore, experience and discover, with the understanding that 'Science' may or may not catch up in our lifetime. Live the experience and know more.

I wrote Talking to Nightlights as an introduction. Twenty years ongoing, that's exactly what it is. Extraordinary experiences and mind boggles continue and the introduction is a pleasant reminder, we are evolving.

Our experiences matter. Evolve, devolve, revolve. That exit at the end of the corporeal time-line? That is the open door to higher plane awareness and the dimension where 'all' exists in essence form.

We are creation in progress, manifest in corporeal temporary form, wearing a sign: Under Construction.

Consider that Matrix thing. "There is no spoon."

Not everyone here plays by the same rules.
ETs, UFOs, Fairies, Angels, Ghosts, Immortals, etc...
Reality is relative.
The key to creation is to upgrade your thoughts.
The spoon is a distraction.

Thank you for listening.
Stay curious.

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