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Aug 26, 2018

Duncan Laurie - Radionics, Singing plants, and the ocean of living energy calling us to greater awareness

“The universe is a symphony of living energy that sings out to a cosmos far greater than the physical realm we perceive as reality. The radionic instrument allows quantified analysis and balancing of the subtle energy fields emitted by everyone and everything in that realm." Source, Radionics,

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Duncan Laurie - Radionics 8/26/18.

Plants like to party Who knew? Duncan sent me some audio samples of plants playing along to various songs, including Bob Dylan and a Zydeco tune. Amazing. We didn't have time for more but one that showcases the plant interaction even better is an accompaniment to Cocaine. Plants rock.

Of Dark Matter and the acceleration of the Universe: Dark Matter... "now opened to
The Secret Art - Radionics 
the scientific possibility of parallel universes, subtle energy transactions and a host of other possibilities normally reserved for science fiction and mystical studies." Source, Duncan Laurie, The Radiant Landscape

The fantastic world of Electric Plants - Blog, Duncan Laurie

The Secret Art - Duncan Laurie. "Today we tend to look at the shamanic process in the same light as religious ceremony: as an elaborate metaphor for appealing to a higher power to intercede on our behalf.

By contrast, as we will examine throughout this book, it is far more likely that shamanic individuals used artistic and technical methodologies employing intent to move energy and accomplish their objectives."

Duncan illustrates the everyday usage of Radionic energy in a reference to cooking. My interpretation of that is to contrast the difference between food cooked with love and food processed via assembly line. That love or creation energy is Radionic Enhancement. A hidden perk.

Available on Amazon - The Secret Art by Duncan Laurie - Reviews are excellent.

"Charlie Martineau, 5.0 out of 5 stars. - Duncan Laurie does a wonderful job giving us a history of Radionics from ancient times clear into now. With his personal focus being on art it was relate-able for me (being some form of an artist myself).

As someone also interested in the occult this got many ideas moving and the people and methodology I found interesting in this book gave me a springboard for more and more things and people to further investigate."

As for me, (Wendy) my Mom has been a dowser for 50 some years. I found the information included about the author of the book, The Paper Doctor, a fantastic piece of history. Submarined? Why the effort to restrict access to the material and discredit the author? I am now planning to test some of that information.

I like the history angle Duncan provides in "The Secret Art' on the various embellishments and evolution of uses by of the practitioners through the years. So much to learn from this and so many potential uses that deserve greater awareness and expanded research. The book is a catalyst.

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Thank you for listening.
Stay curious.

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