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Jul 6, 2018

SciXFriday - Room 88, time and time again - mysteries, maps, odds and assorted randoms

“…Tell me, has anything odd happened to you recently?
What do you mean, odd?'
Unusual. Deviating from the customary. Something outside the usual parameters of normalcy. An occurrence of unprecedented weird.” - Jasper Fforde, Lost in a Good Book, Goodreads

Welcome. You'll feel right at home here.

OddsnEnds - 
  • Monitoring Infrasound to predict Volcanoes. Forbes
  • Crop Circle season and another beauty appears. Crop Circle Connector
  • You too could be an astronaut. Details about the App making that offer. Engadget
  • Air Pollution linked to Diabetes. There's more. Worth tracking this story. CNN
  • No mistaking the joy in this reunion. Noted by her dayglow smile. Daily Mail
  • Talking crow entertains the tourists. Bonus. Accent. UPI
  • Champion combines Free Bird audio + epic Yo-Yo skills. Outstanding. Huff Po
  • Digg struck gold with a cool 'Collaborative Map of the Paranormal': Liminal Seattle map is the region's new go-to tool for tracking "fairies, ghosts, bigfoot, time travelers, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, crow conferences, sentient lawn computers, lanyard'd ogres, broccoli wizards, etc." FYI - my random selection happened to be a staring squirrel. Quirky mappers at work. 
  • Home for Spiritualists and Mediums: Cassadaga, Florida. Ripley's
Mystery in Room 88.

Video Description from YouTube: Made in a garden shed for £250.
'Room 88' is an original short film by Mike Booth.

The script was shortlisted for the Jameson First Shot Competition in 2015 and the finished film went on to screen at the London Short Film Festival 2016.

Mr. Debogorski is in book Mike is currently writing called Elderland and available to read for free here.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule

7/8 - Holiday replay from 7/1 - Avrel Seale, Monster Hike. 100 mile adventure on the trail of Sasquatch.
7/15 - Board Camp Crystal Mine, Orville and Cheryl Murphy. My visit to the site and updates on the ongoing paranormal activity.
7/22 - Gary Hart, The Sasquatch Whisperer. One of the researchers who explored Board Camp Crystal Mine.
7/29 - Keith Linder, The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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