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Jul 20, 2018

SciXFriday - "The Oceanmaker", UFOs, AIiens, ETs, Science, Discoveries, Entertainment, Oddities and Etc...

"I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin." - Neo in the Matrix, Matrix Wiki

 OddsnEnds - 
  • Oregon is one of the top states for UFO sightings. Recent sighting: Virgil Bates, who took photos and video of the object with his phone, said the object did not move as a bag would in the wind." KGW
  • Most recent Kansas sighting: 7/18/18. "Bright blue light started slow and then a dash of blue light it was only around 50ft above my truck." UFO Stalker 
  • Firebird? Mystery at 2:08 on the vid. UFO Sightings Hotspot
  • Info on the secret Pentagon UFO study. "This is the first chance that I’ve had a chance to actually appear before the public and speak about details of the program and not go to jail. So I’m going to go along at a rapid clip.  Dr. Hal Puthoff, To the Stars Academy 
  • Moon Colony - 8 years away? NASA project Gateway. Practice for Mars. TIME
  • The AI Pledge: "We the undersigned agree that the decision to take a human life should never be delegated to a machine..."  Is it possible to keep this cork in the bottle? NPR
  • Curious Machu Picchu. New discoveries pointing out undiscovered hidden chambers. Twitter: History TV18 Ancient Aliens
  • Earthquake reveals another layer of history under Mexico Pyramid. Gizmodo
  • Project Blue Book details and the first trailer. io9
  • Doctor Who is in the house. Comic-Con. io9
  • Guinness World Record: Miracle Milly = Most Cloned Dog. 49 copies. Oddity Central
"The OceanMaker" by Lucas Martell. After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

For more about the film and filmmaker: The Oceanmaker
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Petition still adding names. UPDATE: People of Earth, Season 3. Greenlighted by TBS, shows already written. Cancelled. Will another network pick it up? TBD. Can't hurt to keep hope alive.

From the site:
Solas V. Colorado, 2 days ago. All of us "Experiencers" need our Star Cross group back. This show was insightful, funny, witty, and was just hitting it's stride. If given the chance, this great show can go on to be amazing. Add your name.

And follow this guy on twitter. Show Creator/David Jenkins.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule -

7/22 - Gary Hart, Fortean Researcher, The Sasquatch Whisperer. One of the researchers who explored Board Camp Crystal Mine while Andy and I were there.
7/29 - Keith Linder, The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State
8/5 - Tick Gaudreau, Spirit Rescue: A Dowser's Ghostly Encounters. Intriguing experiences with different types of haunting spirits.
8/19 - Philip Smith, Walking Through Walls. Philip Smith describes growing up in 1960s Miami with his decorator father, who one day discovers he has the miraculous power to talk to the dead and heal the sick.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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