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Jul 30, 2018

Keith Linder, The Bothell (Hell) House: Poltergeist of Washington State - living with a ghost. And my UFO Star.

“Is it useful to feel fear, because it prepares you for nasty events, or is it useless, because nasty events will occur whether you are frightened or not?” ― Lemony Snicket - Dare to enter

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview 7/29/18: The Bothell House (Poltergeist) with Keith Linder

OddsnEnds -
  • Healing with energy charged cotton, scientifically validated. Bengston Research. In his book, The Energy Cure, Bill Bengston invites you to take a journey with him into the mystery and power of hands-on-healing.
  • Need a Biz buzz? Parasite from Cat litter might help. HuffPo
  • Alien Implant? You don't know Jack. But do you want to? Phantoms and Monsters
  • Lost, found and missing time. Phantoms and Monsters
  • Adults can refuse to validate the reality but some children see real monsters. Slate - Don't be afraid of the Dark. (I worked with one adult who finally made peace with the ghost in the very haunted childhood home she was traumatized in.)
Revisiting Keith Linder and his eye-opening encounter with a very active poltergeist. Keith has completed the book about his experience. Available now, The Bothell House. on Amazon.

Local recap and endorsement via The Bothell Reporter.

Poltergeists are so far beyond the pale that many of the so-called paranormal experts are challenged when called upon to quantify or validate the occurrence. Unfamiliar territory. One cannot get answers by simply sticking a toe in the water. And they do know how to play … invisible …

Understanding the enigma requires immersion and a 24/7 time commitment. A better word choice might be 'confirming'. The word 'understanding' is a bit naïve. Every situation is unique.

Keith Linder soon discovered resources and experts were scarce. Many he turned to for help challenged his sincerity and his honesty. It was too extreme, too dramatic and over the top.

He was forced to do his own homework. In his corner, prior residents who corroborated the dark nature of the house. That life-line allows any who suggest this is just a cock and bull fairytale to find another patsy. The house has a nature unto itself. It can be quiet.
The Bothell (Hell) House,
 Keith Linder - Amazon

But when it wants to play - the game puts the corporeal world on notice:
Do your own homework.
Don't threaten
Don't attack.
Don't pretend.
Don't lie.

It isn't the bite that hurts, it's the kickback - when you least expect.

What does Keith say he would not repeat? From the YouTube vid:

"It should be said here by me that the biggest mistake
I made was going out and buying more cameras.
Cameras, DVR's, wifi video cams, etc were erected throughout the house.

Cameras exemplify attention and cameras symbolize challenging it. You cannot or should not challenge a malevolent entity. Days, weeks and months after this event activity spiked."

Thanks to Keith for the valuable tips and the list of resources he refers for how-to and how-not-to deal with the most energetically intense and emotionally tweaking extreme of paranormal manifestations: a poltergeist.

Bottom line. One thing that didn't survive the roller coaster, the relationship. Maybe you have never encountered anything close to this situation but you may know or meet someone who has. If so, withhold judgment. Keith has done an excellent job of laying out the framework and retelling the tale in a way that the pitfalls and wrong turns are more apparent.

And he offers sound advice to anyone who would prefer to avoid that situation.

Follow Keith for more of the story - This is book one.
Home Page Demons in Seattle
Audiobook teaser. YouTube

And then there was the UFO I saw last week. I was out looking at the sky (Blood Moon, Mars close encounter and Mercury retrograde topics had been filling my news feeds.) I saw a star pulsing with multiple colors. Stars don't do that.

So I grabbed my camera to get a better look. Even though it is not designed to take night pictures, I knew it would magnify the view. The pulsing colors did not appear through the viewfinder. It looked like a typical, bright white star. Then it threw off a red flash - coming toward me. Another flashed away from the star.

Star looked bright white through the lens.
 I saw it pulse multiple colors with the naked eye.
 The jig was up when it shot out red bursts.
 Holy Cow! A star?
 And I think it wanted me to question that.

The flashes activated my camera. I got flashed five times. That gave me five photos.

None show what I saw - but the activity is unusual - and that red flash might have been a response to the light on my camera trying to activate the focus.

When it paused for a few minutes, I got a
telepathic suggestion to wait - because it had to recharge. I waited and then I got one last image.

So, I have two curiosities with that incident. I got 1/a telepathic prompt from 2/a star that shoots out flashes of red bursts. Cool!

Ours? Theirs? Military. Experimental. ET. Unexplained and fascinating. The reddish squiggle is whatever was moving in the vicinity of the white light. I could not see it with the naked eye.

Incidentally, the best view of the moon from our area was Saturday night. Large, beautiful and orange, against a deep indigo skyline with a thin ribbon of silver clouds skimming across the front. No pictures - just a memory. Perfect.

Yeah, I saw a UFO - and it returned for a couple of hours Sunday night. Visible at 9p and gone by 11:30p. It didn't take away from the spectacular image of the Moon.

I will keep looking up.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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