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Jul 23, 2018

Gary Hart, Fortean Researcher, Sasquatch Whisperer adding Science to the equation.

“If you tried to doubt everything you would not get as far as doubting anything. The game of doubting itself presupposes certainty.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Gary Hart - archived Podcast

OddsnEnds -
  • For the birds. Aliens suspected in Duck disappearance. “So it must be alien forces, that have left me my two worst ducks.” News.com.au
  • Cellphones and cancer. Again, the suggestion of a correlation. Newsweek
  • Stanton Friedman's last visit to Roswell. He gave his first lecture on UFOs in 1967: Midnight in the Desert. Friedman is retiring. Roswell, the history, it began with Stanton Friedman. Read the article. Time

His extensive Bio includes a familiar and fascinating Midwest case, "analysis of the Delphos, Kansas UFO, one of the most extraordinary events involving multiple witnesses and contact with substances that left no doubt there had been an encounter. The link is one I include at the bottom of my blog.

If Bigfoot Were Real. - Darren Naish
Bigfoot. Credit Darren Naish, 2016

Question vs. Search.
Familiar conclusion: Fiction.
Scientific American Blog

Those who actually engage in the experience, the search, interviewing experiencers and witnesses, documenting the sightings and the evidence, suspect Bigfoot (Sasquatch) may exist in such a way that offers the ability to avoid detection by methods and for reasons we have yet to determine.

Why are Sasquatch/Bigfoot sometimes linked to a UFO presence?

In my two most recent interviews with experiencers, those who have either witnessed Bigfoot directly or encountered evidence or signs considered to be indicative of Bigfoot presence, the encounter opened a door to possibility and dynamic shift in beliefs. (Interviews: 7/2 and 7/15)

Count me among that group. Fascinating things are happening at Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas. I interviewed Cheryl and Orville Murphy about their experiences and took advantage of an invitation to visit and tour the site.

View from Board Camp Crystal Mine
Guest Lodging Cabin
Not everyone will have a chance to visit or experience an area demonstrating visibly measurable paranormal (for lack of a better term) anomalies. But there is a greater impact to the experience, when you can, rather than listen to someone (who has no intention of exploring in person) ponder, debate, deny the possibility, make the attempt to witness the phenomena first hand.

Andy and I were fortunate to connect with one of the researchers who is studying the activities at Board Camp Crystal Mine.

Gary Hart has been travelling the country for more than 35 years doing investigative research to find and study locations with a higher frequency of reported sightings of UFOs, Sasquatch and paranormal phenomena. Unique similarities are present.

Within the last few years his research has focused on activity reported in the Midwest with a special focus on Missouri where he has identified the mechanism behind a wide range of phenomena that may involve the majority of anomalous phenomena everywhere.

Through this research Gary says he and his wife have established a close relationship with members of a Sasquatch clan. According to Gary, "Advancing research in these areas from hypothesis to proof has allowed new and unexpected conclusions to be drawn – something rarely found in the anomaly research community."
Ball in tree is a marker for the branch braiding anomaly
 and a toy inviting Sasquatch to play.

We talked about his recent experiences with Sasquatch at the Board Camp Crystal Mine location in Arkansas. He mentions a 'pseudostar' sighting in Missouri in the fall of 2015.

Gary believes that sighting reveals evidence that intelligently controlled, personally focused objects have been flying in our skies for many years, perhaps millennia, with the seeming sole purpose being to get our attention.

Gary stayed longer on the property and documented several events including photographing light anomalies near an area called the 'event site'. Activity reported includes unusual images on the game cams, levitating rocks, flickering lights and orbs, and rocks being relocated without being seen or heard.

Cheryl and Orville recently announced plans to open a Sasquatch education center. The story continues.

New Developments in Science -
  • Detected: a particle that shouldn't exist, after decades of hints and no evidence. NBC
  • Archaeologists uncover evidence of civilizations predating oldest known cultures. Source
  • When University of Georgia researchers date Dinosaur bones thousands of years ago not millions the US Scientific community does not acknowledge their finding. Disclose.tv
Humans are evolving and so is our science. Impossible is a speed bump. Anticipate surprises.

Consider - 
  • Sasquatch Report, Missouri, January 15, 2018: "Dual track line - MANY photos taken and measured - immediately after heavy 6" snowfall." BFRO
  • Bigfoot in the Berkshires. Source
  • Bigfoot sightings and Map. 15 to ponder. Bigfoot Base
Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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