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Jul 2, 2018

Alone, Avrel Seale set out to explore the mystery in a trek through one of America's hottest bigfoot-sighting areas. Monster Hike

"You can't throw a rock in southern Utah without hitting somebody who's been abducted." - Filmmaker Trent Harris, sponsored a UFO film festival in Bicknell, Utah, Skinwalker Ranch

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview: Avrel Seale - Monster Hike

OddsnEnds -
  • July 2 is World UFO Day. Blast from past and check-in with the present:
    - 1931 sighting from an Aviation Pioneer. Video YouTube, BEAMS story
    - 2018 sighting and engagement in Stillwell, Oklahoma. Reported to MUFON.
  • Spectral Invisibility Cloak is impressive - Futurism
  • Invisibility cloak improvisation. Twitter
  • Fact or fiction, the truth is out there. Forrest Fenn's $2M treasure still calls the hopeful. Unfortunately, that call isn't loud enough to disclose the location. According to Big Think, Fenn says at least one person has been within 100 feet of the treasure, out of the several thousands who have searched.
  • The Guardian shadowed treasure hunter, Sacha Johnston.
  • Best rumor of 2018: Picard. Next Gen reboot. Den of Geek, io9/Gizmodo

Monster Hike - Alone, Avrel Seale sets out on a quest to cover a one hundred mile trek through one of America's hottest bigfoot-sighting areas - Sam Houston National Forest in East Texas - in the hope of encountering Bigfoot.

What if some 'monsters' can choose to remain undiscovered? For instance, Sasquatch.

"Why, after thousands of encounters with humans, do they still go unacknowledged by science, government, and mainstream society? And what does all of this tell us about the dangers and the rewards of believing in something mysterious?" .… Monster Hike

My question: how can a non-existent fiction leave footprints?
Monster Hike on Amazon

Avrel Seale takes us along on his quest to encounter Bigfoot.
I am curious and have seen signs of Sasquatch myself that shift the issue from myth to reality. Referring here to Board Camp Crystal Mine. Link is to a previous blog post and interview.

After doing a thorough job of Sasquatch backstory research, meal prep and camp supply stashing, (Impressive!) Avrel hit the trail.

Two nights into the trip and I was settled in and comfy, reading his story from the safety of my laptop. Just that initial report made me more than happy that Avrel was doing the leg work on this journey and I could understand if he had seriously considered punting the whole thing at that point.

The thought of camping now inspires more attention to the possibility of a hasty exit or SOS call for help. That ominous vibe didn't exist with 127 Hours.

FYI if you do plan to stake out a remote locale. Peace of mind: Find me Spot

Back to ominous. Check out the cover. He doesn't come up empty handed. 18 inch footprint beside a size 10 and a half shoe. Texas. Right.

Read the book? Here's a bonus from the blog. Avrel goes back out for another look. In that camp scene again, he notices a few more anomalies. What's with the abandoned tents? No mention of black panthers. Apparently, Texas has those too. Texas Cryptid Hunter

Consider some 'monsters' have no desire to be found and might even have the ability to erase or block knowledge of their presence and their source. Study their cameo appearances at places like
Skinwalker Ranch

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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