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May 13, 2018

Victoria Alexander, Shamanic and PSI explorer, Ayahuasca vision guide

"All things are possible until proven otherwise." - Stephen Hawking's family is offering funeral tickets to the public. Up to one thousand are available. Independent [The ballot for tickets to his memorial service closes at midnight on 15 May.]

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Victoria Alexander link

Oddsnends - 
  • Study: Coffee, Alcohol, bit overweight in your 70's = Longevity Factors. Mirror
  • Memory assist. According to Dr. Robert Hampson, a professor at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the lead author of the study, the method they used to artificially boost the short-term memory performance of study participants is something that has never been done before. “This is the first time scientists have been able to identify a patient’s own brain cell code or pattern for memory and, in essence, ‘write in’ that code to make existing memory work better,” he explained, “an important first step in potentially restoring memory loss.” Science Daily
  • Conference coming up: "A prophecy that has been long awaited by the Origine' people... it is the end of the darkness and a "return" of the spirit of the Dreaming. This epoch-long prophecy is being spoken of now, because it is expected to happen in just under two years time."
    Presentations include: Stella Wheildon (with Allan Euston Williams). Starlore, ETs and Origins. UFOs and ETs of many shapes and sizes have been seen, and interacted with, by many Australian Aboriginal people over tens of thousands of years. But the relationships and Star lore are more interesting and intimate than you might think. - Nexus - Secret History of Australia Conference
  • Best Chicken Coop - UFO now boarding .. Backyard Chickens

Another Jeffrey Mishlove interview with John Alexander. In this interview, John details a personal encounter with a UFO and an instance where his wife Victoria was possessed by an entity during a shamanic ceremony in Brazil.

Bigfoot, UFOs, PSI, Near-Death Experiences, Remote Viewing and more. I interviewed John about his book, Reality Denied

When you visit John's website, you'll see photos of some of the exotic locations John and Victoria have visited. While John is there to document the happenings and report the science that might be part of the equation, Victoria's intuitive and empathic skills allow her to surrender to the flow of the scene and engage as an experiencer.

She doesn't usually do interviews and I am very glad she chose to do this one. In addition to having access to places not usually visited by or open to Western tourists, her unique perspective provides an important context for anyone interested in the behind the scenes of an authentic, indigenous shamanic ceremony. On occasion, she has even been invited to return as an honored guest and participant.

An interesting encounter we touch on briefly in our interview is a visit to the Ark of the Covenant. John had already gone ahead but Victoria, being curious, was lingering when - right place, right time - she was asked if she wanted to meet one of the Monks responsible for guarding the Ark, a rare encounter. To understand how truly special that encounter was, read: Smithsonian. The monks are usually inaccessible to the general public.

Also, extremely familiar with the Ayahuasca culture, Victoria helps facilitate meetings with Ron Wheelock. Interviewed 5/6  She counsels neophytes who are interested in or planning on experiencing the Ayahuasca ritual. Ayahuasceros regard the plant as a sentient, intelligent being, that connects them to the natural world and imparts ancient wisdom, through ceremony, the consciousness of plants.

Ron said a visit to the Amazon turned into "love at first sight". That was two decades ago. Now "The Gringo Shaman", Ron is featured in "This is Life with Lisa Ling" ... Previous post

Booming Ayahuasca Tourism has created competition and fanned the numbers of Shaman offering Ayahuasca encounters. A serious mistake is to not research in advance to understand exactly what is involved in an Ayahuasca experience and how to prepare. Ron Wheelock's retreat is named El Purguero for a reason. For information about Ron's retreats, contact Victoria: victoria.alexander.lv @gmail.com

Another interest we don't have time to explore, Victoria is an avid film buff. Her reviews are on Rotten Tomatoes and at Films in Review.

Victoria and John will be at the upcoming SSE and IRVA joint conference in June. Check out the list of presenters for excellent resources and material for further study. Information.

*Note: Bigelow Aerospace Tour SOLD OUT. View the 60 Minute Interview with Robert Bigelow.

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