Apr 24, 2018

Terry Albright, entertaining the unexplained and the ever-illusive Bigfoot/Sasquatch

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein As quoted in "What Life Means to Einstein: An Interview by George Sylvester Viereck" in The Saturday Evening Post (26 October 1929) q:Albert_Einstein - Source

Oddsnends - 
  • Scientist suggests we might be unable to see aliens due to the 'cosmic gorilla effect'. Phys Org
  • One fav UFO news source - weekly newsletter from George Filer - the New Jersey director of MUFON. He talks about his UFO encounter. Daily Star
  • Ozark Mountain UFO Conference Facebook Page has the 2018 highlights. More highlights are featured at UFO HUB
  • Comic time out for Alien humor - Kickstarter in progress for Dulce: The New Guy comic book. Premise: Every single conspiracy theory is true! Roswell, Area 51, Aliens experimenting on Earth, Bigfoot and Dulce is the key. Game ON! "Marcus begins his first day at the mysterious base. With reptilians, fear deities, chimera, monsters, and a variety of races of aliens as friends; who needs enemies? Well, of course there’s one of those too!"
    Check out Eric Cockrell's project before it expires. 4/28/18
After I interviewed Cheryl and Orville Murphy about the extraordinary parnormal/UFO/unexplained events at the Board Camp Crystal Mine, I made arrangements to visit ASAP.

Turns out there was a lot more to discover in the missing details - I had no idea Sasquatch was included. A surprise and a great learning experience!

Board Camp Crystal Mine
Guest House
One of two on the property. 

Andy and I made the trek to Arkansas over the weekend and the timing was excellent. Lyrid meteor showers Friday night. Fox25Boston has highlights.

A tour of the grounds included the event site and one giant curiosity - a large log that had been perched by unknown source in a tree. (I'll add that pic later.)

Levitating rocks and other light anomalies indicate unusual electromagnetic energy and that was what drew me. Their book details the fantastic events: Beams.

Cheryl says there has been a lot more activity since the book was published. They could easily add another book. No doubt she will. We'll talk again about the ongoing events and what I experienced during this visit in the next interview. One more thing. The crystals are spectacular.

4/22 guest on Wendy's Coffeehouse is Terry Albright. Round two.

An interesting coincidence in the timing. The Sasquatch connection. Terry gained a life long interest in Bigfoot after an encounter he talks about in the interview.

This is the (unrelated to that event) audio sample he promised to share. Terry says these are some of the sounds he and his friends have collected.

Fortunately, I didn't hear anything like this at the Board Camp Crystal Mine.
FYI - The first interview with Terry is here: Part One

Our interview opens with a detour, a dive into the movie stuff, stuff that scarred at least 70 cast and crew members. The injury count is an estimate that doesn't include those who left during the eleven year production. 

Roar - Terry w/Tippi Hendren
Haven't heard about the Movie, Roar? It's on screens now at the Alamo Draft House.

Bloody background: Animal Planet Documentary.

Wiki - 'Roar was shot on location at Noel Marshall's private ranch in Acton, California, with its production spanning a total of 11 years.[5] A flood at the ranch three years into the shooting process caused over $3 million in damages, creating further setbacks to the production.[5]'

Sasquatch or not ...
from Terry's collection
Enough with the blood. On to, according to some, blood-curdling.

What might a Bigfoot/Sasquatch print look like?

Maybe this is one. Terry and friends continue to search and research.

After my visit to Board Camp Crystal Mine, I am more curious about
Sasquatch encounters and, having seen some of the indications that
suggest a presence and so much more, I am convinced there is more to the mystery than can be resolved in an overnight or weekend stay.

(Regarding the paranormal activity there - I'll update in another post.)

Terry has been at this for awhile.

No doubt the best results require a dedicated researcher who lives in the environment 24/7.

Even then, some mysteries demand both exposure and a completely different mindset.

Beyond that, it might even require further evolution to access and maintain a level of conscious awareness we can be blocked from until our minds are sharpened to the higher realms.

In the direction we are headed the truth is intentionally hovering out of reach to encourage forward momentum...

in baby steps... to facilitate integration.

Picture epiphany in the dots that need connecting. The mystery is calling.

At of course the final minute of the show Terry opened a new topic. We're set for our June interview.
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Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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