Apr 20, 2018

SciXFriday, UFOs, Mermaids and ETs and Bigfoot/Sasquatch and Sci-Fi, oh my!

And ... "When you're curious you find lots of interesting things to do." - Walt Disney, Goodreads

OddnEnds -
  • Trip into Ever-now. Physics m-i-n-d-b-l-o-w. (Where ET/Alien stuff gels.) The Guardian
  • Rocket + Balloon landing. Define 'Balloon'... The Verge
  • Quantum Age Quandary. Bot/AI/Human = Personhood? Does Sophia have a vote? Slate
  • Hold your breath 13 minutes underwater? 'Sea Nomad' advantage = genetic adaptation. MSN
  • Celebs, UFOs, M-e-r-m-a-i-d-s and Alien abduction. Eleven believers. Newsweek
  • Musicians and UFOs. Basement Jaxx, career crossroad and a vision. "I was having a cup of tea with a singer and we were chatting and outside the window there was this thing hovering over London. The nearest thing it looked like was a flying saucer." Light bulb. The Guardian
  • World UFO Day. July 2. Potentials in the playlist. Huff Po 20 Songs. Includes Ella Fitzgerald: Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer, CCR: It Came Out of the Sky  and Styx: Come Sail Away. Huff Po
Cruising around in the debris field that was once Earth, Aliens scavenge for treasure. Fractured culture in the fragments. Who's got Rhythm? 'Alientologists' ...

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'Alientologist' by Tyler Rabinowitz
More about the film and filmmaker: https://www.tylerrabinowitz.com/ https://vimeo.com/tylerrabinowitz

Best Sci-Fi Films on Netflix now: Collider.

Alien Dance Mx: Safety Dance-Men Without Hats, Fell in Love with an Alien-The Kelly Family, UFO-Mallrat

Next Interview, 4/22 guest on Wendy's Coffeehouse is Terry Albright, back for round two. We get to frequency, teased from the first interview. Part One. But the show opens with a detour, a dive into the movie stuff. This stuff left scars.

He sent a few images for the show. Sharing two here. Bigfoot and the Roar Pic.

Roar - Terry w/Tippi Hendren
Haven't heard about the Movie, Roar?

Bloody background here: Animal Planet Documentary.

Wiki - 'Roar was shot on location at Noel Marshall's private ranch in Acton, California, with its production spanning a total of 11 years.[5] A flood at the ranch three years into the shooting process caused over $3 million in damages, creating further setbacks to the production.[5]'

How many suffered injuries during filming? Better question: Was there anyone involved in the filming who survived unscathed?

Estimates are 70 to 100 were hurt. Terry was there. Reading other recent accounts, it seems that number might cover only those who stuck around to complete the filming and make the tally.

Sasquatch or not ...
Enough with the blood.

What might a Bigfoot/Sasquatch print look like?
Maybe this is one.

Terry also provided some audio clips. I'll add that in the next post.

Inquiring minds?

At the final minute of the show Terry opens a new topic ... and a set up for our July interview.

Playing in the Quantum fields. Enjoy!

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