Mar 4, 2018

Victoria Price untethered, Plus recipes treasured and a levitating rock mystery

Grounding the wonderment of creation born in the A-Ha moment. - Wendy's Coffeehouse, Perks on the Journey

Oddsnends - 
  • Michio Kaku suggests we avoid contact with Aliens. "*Kaku says that if extraterrestrials are smart, talking to us would be like us talking to squirrels." CNET Probably too late for that.
  • UFO inadvertently captured in video of Stunt Plane? Inexplicata
  • Cool Cat has his own facial recognition device. Motherboard
  • PS. (See *Kaku above)  Crow tries talking to a squirrel, says "Hello" ... Squirrel unimpressed. UPI
  • SecureTeam (for fans of odd, weird, quirky [borderline wacky] and eventually explained) Now past 1 million subscribers on YouTube, promising a documentary - most recently uploaded the cloud line across Google Earth and booms in Seneca. Comments (entertaining) often have the answers. Link

Video of levitating rocks at the Board Camp Crystal Mine.  MUFON investigated. That show, with Chase Kloetzke, aired on The Travel Channel - Expedition Unknown.

The mine was discovered in 2008 and certified by the federal and state governments to be opened to the public in 2012. Mystery remains unsolved.

Board Camp Crystal Mine crystals have not been acid-bathed, cut, polished or otherwise altered, in order to retain their natural beauty and energy. Located in Polk County, Arkansas, near the Oklahoma border, in the middle of the pristine Ouachita (pronounced “wash-it-taw”) Mountains and Ouachita National Forest, the surface mine (not underground) is located on a forested gentle slope.

Paranormal/Unexplained events happened in Feb of 2017 and that's where the story starts.
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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Victoria Price, 3/4/18

Months ago, I bookmarked Come Into the Kitchen Cookbook by Vincent Price and Mary Price and then discovered A Treasury of Great Recipes. Following up, I saw (daughter) Victoria Price was traveling with her new book, The Way of Being Lost.

Intentionally homeless, Victoria journals her challenge to recover from personal and financial setbacks, heal childhood wounds and, beyond that, to embrace the joy that originates in the core of the authentic self.

With her dog as co-traveler she parallels her journey with Dorothy and Toto in that space called OZ. Ironic, here in the land of Ahhs, Victoria will be given a Kansas celebratory - "Home is where the heart is " - welcome. Lost, found and treasured, kindred spirits wandering, reclaiming and uniting soul ties.

Mentioned during the conversation about Victoria's dragonfly tattoo: Conscious Ink. Victoria's Blog is Daily Practice of Joy. Here she (age 4) poses with the award winning painting in Blue. In the footsteps of Dad, reclaiming her Artist's heart. Past/Present.

Victoria will be in Kansas City on May 4th. Details (still being finalized) include dishing on food, *Vincent Price movie classics and the unexpected legacy of forging extended family ties with Horror Film fans. (The first film, House on Haunted Hill Trailer, The Tingler Trailer, House of Wax Trailer.

Found one recipe I thought I could do, flagged next to my Soda Bread recipe from the Great British Baking Show. Vincent Price's Guacamole. LATaco.

I still love that intensely, time-consuming cake recipe (worth every ounce of amateur cook angst) Sandra Martin hooked me on: Grandmother Maude's Orange Chiffon Cake. Blog Page

*Unforgettable, Vincent Price/Thriller. Details about the session: Legacy  Video - YouTube
*My earlier interview with Victoria on Conscious Living

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Stay Curious.

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