Mar 29, 2018

SciXFriday, Medical Science Coup, DIY Courage and UFOs

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice." - [Stanford University commencement speech, 2005]” - Steve Jobs

Oddsnends -
  • New organ in the Human body: Interstitium. Researchers Theise, Carr-Locke, and Benias submitted their paper to eight different journals (one sending the feedback that a new organ was “not of interest to a general audience”) before finally being accepted by Scientific Reports.

    “It would change how we understood everything from cancer to acupuncture to inflammation. It was astonishing, almost too good to be true.”
  • Theise expanded, this “interstitium” could explain many of modern medicine’s mysteries, often dismissed by the establishment as either silly or explainable by other phenomena. Take acupuncture, Theise said—that energetic healing jolt may be traced to the interstitium.

    “There’s something new here,” he said. “No one’s ever seen it before, but it’s been there the whole time.” -  Source: The Daily Beast
  • Actually, the healing dots just might connect: Discover The Body Electric or  PDF w/ EMF Research Know more. Peer-Reviewed Research on the effects of EMF Fields on the Human body, Main Page
  • Witness courage! "Mad Mike" Hughes launched his rocket and scored a BUMPY successful landing. Next step: rocket DIY project will carry him 68 miles up. Holy Cow! Hoping that landing can be just as not fatal smooth.  NPR 
  • Look UP! Flying high in Arizona. Same UFO sighting reported by TWO pilots. AOL
  • (Has it been that long?) After five decades, UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman is retiring. "One of my last events will be the Roswell International UFO Museum Festival in July in Roswell, New Mexico." NYUFO

    Catch him sooner at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, Friday–Sunday, April 13–15, 2018 / Eureka Springs, Arkansas / Best Western Inn of the Ozarks
  • Hungry Cat Cameo (PG - Language Advisory)
"Future Boyfriend" - A Sci-Fi short film - On a Date with a plot twist ...

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"Future Boyfriend" by Ben Rock. Written by A. Vincent Ularich.
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Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule -

4/1 - Terry Albright - (See Bio below) who knows all the right UFO stuff. He collected dirt from the Delphos, Kansas site. This is one incredible case. Physical evidence. Express has a recent recap. Terry is working on frequency now and says that is key. He also explains how to call in a UFO. So much stuff to cover we agreed on a 2nd show.

4/8/18 - Stephen A. Schwartz - Consciousness Researcher, Remote Viewing Instructor, Creativity Innovator, Author of the newest novel, Awakening, A Novel of Aliens and Consciousness. View his Ted Talk on the Hidden Path to Creativity. Key take away from this presentation: Peer Status vs. Facts. "Fresh eyes on old data." Sign up for his ongoing course, Opening to the Infinite. Daily Newsletter: The Schwartz Report.

4/11 - Paranormal Karen - Comedian, Tarot Expert, Paranormal Investigator. She is fascinated with the “afterlife” is convinced she will someday have a near death experience because, “I never finish anything.” Karen gets around. Subscribe/YouTube

- Terry Albright - (Bio from KS MUFON) On Twitter - More to talk about with Terry. 1/On his search for Bigfoot, LATimes. 2/Dorothy Izatt, Contact With Beings of Light. Using an ordinary 8 mm movie camera, she has filmed hundreds of sequences of unexplained, yet authenticated, pictures of UFO's, ETs, and anomalies. Dorothy/YouTube Another case similar to Dorothy's is Stella Lansing. YouTube 3/Terry is currently working with producer of “Aliens on the Moon” on a new and as yet untitled UFO documentary.

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