Mar 1, 2018

SciXFriday: Faster than the speed of light, AI and the Solid State Entity

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” - Eliezer Yudkowsky, 28 Best Quotes about Artificial Intelligence, Forbes

Oddsnends - 
  • Creating AI with common sense? That project is underway. Seattle Times
  • Meet the new Robot for the International Space Station, a free-flying robot named CIMON. Futurism
  • Game Changer? Turns out there might be Water on the Moon. Read the fine print. Futurism
  • Did John Lilly get a warning from the future regarding AI capabilities beyond our comprehension? About the Solid State Entity: Sean Kerrigan. Video presentation based upon Sean Kerrigan's article is here. Of special interest, Lilly's projection of what the future might be with the Solid State Entity.
  • Belief in UFOs gaining acceptance. Futurism
  • The truth is closer than we think. UFOs, Tom Delonge and To the Stars, The Fader
  • Spooky. Personal encounters with haunted stuff? A Museum is catering to the curious, allowing quality time with haunted items. Mysterious Universe and photos Hinkley Times
  • Barbra Streisand reported to have two clones of a favorite pet. Variety
  • Fast food. This Sea lion knew where to go for a snack. UPI

Faster than the speed of light travel, an astronaut achieves a first. Multiple award winner, including  Best Sci-Fi Film, Roswell 2017. This film deserves sequels ...

FTL from Artifex Studios on Vimeo.
Written and Directed by Adam Stern
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Schedule - Wendy's Coffeehouse (I'll add the links to these soon -- )

3/2 - Victoria Price - (daughter of Vincent) on the road now promoting her book. The Way of Being Lost. Coming to KC May 4th.

3/11 - Orville and Cheryl Murphy - Board Camp Crystal Mine's Unexplained Tours are up and running. What is going on there? Great question. This is a fantastic paranormal phenomenon. Dig for Crystals too.

3/18 - Robert Kopecky - He's back. Again. How to get to Heaven without Really Dying. Good at practicing for the big event. Robert has had 3 NDEs.

Stay Curious.

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