Mar 20, 2018

Robert Kopecky - Three NDEs and life is good

"Some people take the view that we happen by accident. I think that there is something much deeper, of which we have very little inkling at the moment." - Roger Penrose, Brainy Quote

Note: Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Robert aired Sunday 3/18 and will air again on KCMO 710 am (stream live) at 6 am Saturday, 3/24.

OddsnEnds -

  • Stephen Hawking was working until the very end. Finishing his Multiverse theory (Big Think) under the wire. Might it win him the Nobel prize? Telegraph  In good company (his ashes) at his final resting place. With Newton and Darwin. CNN
  • Board Camp Crystal Mine - when we talked about the electrical energy acting funky in settings with lots of PK energy, the phones apparently took note. Cheryl said their land line went out of order as soon as we completed the interview.
  • Check out STEVE - competing with the Northern Lights, a beautiful mystery purple aurora. The Guardian
  • Indiana Jones FIVE ... starts filming in 2019. Yes, I want to see what Indy has been up to. Due out July 2020. No title yet. Vulture
  • Spielberg collecting phenomenal reviews for Ready Player One. Opening March 29. Slam dunk from: BBC
  • Farmer has his cows say HI to space. Motherboard
First Trailer for the next Fantastic Beasts... and the countdown begins.

Opens November 2018. Is there a spoiler in the trailer?  Hello Giggles.

My interview will repeat this Saturday or you can listen now in the podcast archives.

Robert Kopecky didn't stop at one Near Death Experience. He's had three. And as anyone who has experienced or known someone who has gone through it, a whole lot of life changes have ensued.

The dust continues to resettle. His newest book (and a nice new website to go with the blog) is How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying). Wisdom from a near death experiencer.

The first book was more focused on the return and the background, crisis management when you discover, indeed, you are booked for the duration and require the necessary mindset to commit to the journey and make life count.

The this new one gets into the lessons and the POV meant to alleviate some of the chaos and fretting that is part of the worry about not having a clue about what is supposed to be going on here.
Timeless wisdom from various teachers and sages and the value of having a new overview that the body is temporary, important, but temporary. Chill out. Try being kind.

Robert says the walk through the tunnel to the light wasn't part of his experience. He did get some helpful tips on what was expected while he was here and a few pointers on the rough edges that could use improvement. And that third NDE time - wasn't quite so pleasant. Having NO desire to do that again, he begged to stay there. Overruled, obviously.

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview, 4/ 8, Stephan Schwartz: Awakening, A Novel of Aliens and Consciousness

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