Feb 24, 2018

X3: The Shape of Water, The Space Between Us ... and Synchronicity

“Life is a field of cosmic consciousness, expressing itself in a million ways in space-time through quantum entanglement” ― Amit Ray, Beautify your Breath - Beautify your Life

I posted in December (fantastic short film) about the striking similarity between The Space Between Us and the Guillermo del Toro film, The Shape of Water. Apparently, others noticed too. Some cried foul. Follow-up and update from IndieWire says, no foul.

After connecting to discuss the matter the result is that each project is unique and the timelines indicate there is no conflict. The Netherlands Film Academy has released a statement saying that the two films “have their own very different identities” and “are not in any conceivable way interlinked or related.” - Main site - The Space Between Us

And it is a gorgeous film - worth reposting the Link

Plot twist.

As reported by The Guardian, there is now a lawsuit by a third party. Also reported in Variety, this suit suggests the movie resembles the play, Let Me Hear You Whisper, by Paul Zindel.

On YouTube (might be a copyright issue), featured in *4 segments. Movie Link: IMDB
Or read the play. *Or Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4, if available.

Similar message, different presentation. Lawsuit TBD.

Check the Good Reads Reviews

Drama aside. Apparently, the three peat message from the Universe, cropping up from three unique sources at this time, represents a theme coming to the surface for conscious awareness and acknowledgement.

When ETs, Trans-Dimensionals and Undetermined Others monitor Humans to sleuth the character of our species our treatment of animals and other (fellow) beings deemed inferior has room for improvement. The upside is that we too are evolving. Wildcard challenge: The unseen influence we have yet to factor into the equation.

Looks can be deceiving. Nefarious vs. Complicated. Consciousness connects and those who are receptive (ethical and not), sometimes tap into the same chord, revealing in subsequent manifestation the underlying quantum disposition in the results.

Extraordinary Human beings, one and all - who, by design, know more than we can think but what we do with that knowing can sometimes devolve to a soap opera on the manifest plane. Fabulously curious.

The Shape of Water is resonating with audiences. Nominated for 13 Academy Awards. LATimes

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