Feb 16, 2018

UFO Congress addresses unfamiliar, unexplained and increasingly undeniable presence among us...

"He went to find a shooting star.
Around the bend that's where they are.
I went along just for the ride.
Suddenly, I began to glide.
Standing in a slide zone, I could be steppin' through a time zone.

The air raced by, there was no sound.
We drifted high above the ground.
And then he said, you know this place.
And then a smile lit up his face.

Standing in a slide zone, I could be steppin' in a slide zone.
Standing in a slide zone, I could be steppin' through a time zone."
"Steppin' In A Slide Zone" - Moody Blues, Octave, 1978.

OddsnEnds - 
  • UFO Researcher Grant Cameron references the 1967 Moody Blues UFO encounter here - as the part of the inspiration for the song Slide Zone. Drugs and the Alien Influence on Musicians.
  • Another source includes more background and details with the original article flagged from the now archived Higher and Higher publication.
  • John Lodge teased the issue when he posted UFOs escorting the Moody Blues for their USA tour. 
  • Could a Brain Pacemaker also help with memory zapping some experiencers report? Scientific American
  • Chile: UFO tracked by radar in 1992, showed up on infrared as 200 miles in diameter. Also in this link, story from an Ecuadoran pilot who describes being followed by a UFO and seeing an underwater city 150 miles from the shore. Inexplicata
  • UFO Sightings pose a danger to Aviation? (2012) This USNews article still debating the existence. (If what I experience with the electromagnetic interference is involved, certain pilots and radar technicians know more than they can say.)
  • 'Don't go there' - Some Scientists still insist the response to getting a message from ET would be a colossal, planet-wide-freak-out. Independent  - That paper is published here
  • Reality check: Resistance is futile. They're already here and their memos look like UFOs. 
  • Welcome Year of the Dog - here's what that means for you. Refinery
  • All Hail Dobby! ... Not a Dog.
At the International UFO Congress, a gathering of elites in the field. Big thanks to Martin Willis. Meet some of the players in this round table meeting.

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Martin interviews one of the Ariel Witnesses (1994, Zimbabwe). Documentary in progress: Site.
Salma Siddick describes the beings she saw as having very unfamiliar physical characteristics, no facial hair, no expression "no frown, no smile" ... at 15:00.

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~ I have had some interesting Unexplained and UFO events. One common factor is electromagnetic interference. Car engines, batteries and electronics of all forms can be influenced. Some instances can also include paranormal elements. Makes it difficult to categorize the encounter. The paranormal aspect is definitely present. Objects move, forms change. Physical senses are enhanced and/or dulled. However, the most fascinating and challenging bit to reconcile is the ability to shift or manipulate - in whatever fashion they manage - time. I believe. I experience. I question. ~ wendy

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