Feb 12, 2018

Love and Saucers romances the unconventional in this ET Documentary by Filmmaker Brad Abrahams

“In the end, the abduction phenomenon seems to me to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is collapsing duality and enabling us to see that we are connected beyond the Earth at a cosmic level.” - John Mack, Source

  • UFO seen in the background of that Tesla space pic: Daily Mail
  • Live forever as a robot? Check out mind clone prototype, Bina-48. Meet the Human attached to the project. In the Summer of 2014, the real Bina Rothblatt, who contributed her personal information (along with several other people), visited and talked to Bina-48 for the first time at the Terasem Movement Foundation in Vermont. This video documents their conversation.
  • Novelty - Vampires and Unicorns floor board game. Witness Kickstarter Success.
  • Cryptozoologist - Loren Coleman featured in a new Brad Abrahams film. More Crypto news? Try this site.
  • Thunderbird/Big Bird sighting trend? Recent reports include Missouri, North Carolina and Alaska. Check these sites for info and background. Skeptical Inquirer - CSI, Ghost Hunting Theories, Phantoms and Monsters
  • Animals CAN count: New York Times. Perspective and details might be expanded in that current story but this counting story is not new. Animals have much to teach us. Counting is part of that. BBC Future (2012) 

Experiencer David Huggins pulls no punches when relating the reality he lives or in painting the images caught in his memory. Love and Saucers details David's extraordinary revelations about the various Aliens he has encountered and their (continued) presence in his life...from childhood.
  • Two Surveys on UFO Believers:
    1 -
    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment commissioned the survey as part of their promotional campaign for the blu-ray release of the movie Phoenix Forgotten. Of more than 1700 Americans surveyed, nearly half believe in UFOs. 20 percent believe Alien Abduction: Huff Post
    2 - Market-research company, YouGov found Germans are most likely to believe, at 56 percent, followed by Americans and British, at 54 and 52 percent: Newsweek
David has no doubt his experiences are real. The trauma associated with keeping the story to himself and having no way to integrate or make sense of it dissolved when the Aliens suggested he paint what he remembered. That artwork is a very important part of his coming to terms with the enigma.

Rotten Tomatoes audience scores are positive. The paintings tell the tale.

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Filmmaker Brad Abrahams says he was intrigued when he heard an interview about David and tracked him down in hopes he could follow up. David had no objections. More importantly, the ETs didn't have a problem with the story being told.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview 2/11/18 - Filmmaker Brad Abrahams, Director of Love and Saucers.

An Alien experiencer documentary unlike any you might have seen, David says the ETs showed him a room full of children and when he asked who the father was the ET pointed to him. Visuals add tremendous depth to this story.

From the Artblog Interview with David. "Sitting in David’s studio surrounded by his paintings creates a feeling of being watched; this both excited and unnerved me. David begins to tell me about the cast of characters that populate his paintings and often visit him from another world or another dimension - he doesn’t know for sure."

Read Author Farah Yurdozu's book about David: Love In An Alien Purgatory. Reader Reviews are available on Amazon. Most are quite positive. Curious sells this story. A recent post on Vice

Belief is not required. This is simply a matter of following the ever expanding trail. For those of us who are tracking this topic, the numbers are compounding. More and more contact/alien encounter stories are coming to light.

Other experiencers have shared their stories. One that also included physical evidence was also investigated by John Mack. Peter Kouory's accounted is important due to the surprising DNA evidence revealed in a hair sample. Source: Australian Researcher Bill Chalker.

Referred to in my interview with Brad - Tony Topping mentions the cobalt blue eyes in his ET encounter.

Note on Brad Abrahams: Documentary to watch for: On the Back of the Tiger. Powerful. Transformative Science.

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