Feb 26, 2018

Intuitive Stream Drawing with Elaine Clayton, and an Ozark Mountain Conference reminder

Whatever we’re dealing with is terribly, terribly complex. - John Alexander - Interviewed on Skeptico, Reality Denied

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  • Also noted in that piece, Snopes busts the 'haunted' Ireland school hijinks.
  • No date yet for the reboot of "In Search Of"... Ten episodes slated for History. Variety
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  • Need extra help disengaging? Digital Detox. Link
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  • Back to UFOs - World's 8 best places to look for them. (Honestly, they will find you if you are really serious about making a connection. Seriously, serious.)  Forbes

Challenging the linear mindset - The late Dolores Cannon - a classic session from the archives on her work and the connection she developed through her unique method of hypnosis.

The Ozark Mountain Conference is coming up. The 31st Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference is at The Inn Of The Ozarks In Eureka Springs, Arkansas April 13-15, 2018.

Artist, author, illustrator, former teacher, Reiki Master and intuitive reader. I liked her book the minute it opened to page 105, a UFOMaking Marks

You don't have to be an artist to connect with Elaine Clayton's work. The beauty of this process is that it marries the abstract to link insight and image.

Elaine uses her original method of stream drawing to help clients discover their own inner knowing and then to encourage each to explore his or her own creative, intuitive vibe using the process.

I love her work. This is the first time I have seen anything like it and it validated my passion for what I have always called doodles. I use them to explore, to express, to play and escape. Doodles help me focus and at the same time relax. I consider them as art, but they are not art by anyone else's definition. As such, they have remained a covert pleasure.

So, here is a process that celebrates lines, squiggles, circles, dots, quirky and sometimes meandering designs. Maybe I am not alone.

Wendy's Stream Drawing Sample, 2/24
Try your own stream drawing with 8x10 scrap paper or something like that. Relax, loosen up.

Don't worry about making it look like anything specific. Pick an emotion, a memory or a wish. Put the pencil, crayon, writing utensil to the paper and flow....

Check in with Elaine for inspiration. What is Stream Drawing?

That's my demo. She interprets or comments only if invited. I invited. And she explained more about how she uses the technique and how to read the image or interpret what might be suggested in the design.

Fascinating and an excellent tool for accessing awareness into the inner narrative and core issues and how that might  (to the artist - not the interpreter) be observable when delivered within the energy flow of the lines/designs in a creative work!

She suggests using the non-dominant hand. I think I goofed on that. I can't remember. Basically, the goal is to just draw and see what happens. Every time I look at the image, I notice something different. That's why I like it. But that's what I was so unsure about. My doodles don't have a specific form. They are me playing in non-form. The message is between the lines.  

Elaine's method of stream drawing as a divination tool is inspired and impressive. She shares several examples in the book. Making Marks provides an excellent starting point for anyone who is curious and would like to enhance their own intuitive abilities through creative play that is the process of stream drawing. Thank you, Elaine!


While we're talking intuitive art, something more to explore, the American Visionary Art Museum, the official national museum for self-taught and intuitive artistry. From the opening page:

"Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born." - Albert Einstein

Welcome All Ye Passionately Curious!

In complement to AVAM’s latest mega-exhibition, The Great Mystery Show, this year’s Logan Visionary Conference explores celestial mysteries, "Two Views of Heaven: Spiritual/Theological and Astrophysical/Scientific." - March 11, 2018

Speakers listed include Author, journalist, filmmaker, Alex Chionetti. Noted expert on Ufology as well the Marian Apparition phenomena. Chionetti was one of the main researchers and developers "Ancient Aliens" TV series. Link to a former presentation, The Explorer's Club

Preview Artwork in the Great Mystery Show exhibition running through September 2018. Ingo Swann's work is featured.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious. 

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