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Feb 20, 2018

Beyond belief; UFOs, Yogis and Miracles

"There are events which are so great that if a writer has participated in them his obligation is to write truly rather than assume the presumption of altering them with invention." - Ernest Hemingway

Oddsnends - 
  • Lots of head scratching. FOIA scores UFO gold nugget. Anomalist credits Billy Cox/De Void on flagging a report by The War Zone in November 2017 (audio links deactivated) on a curious Oregon/California UFO. The War Zone has now updated that report with info obtained through the Freedom of Information Act to map the various craft sightings and chart the vicinity based upon the reports, then included corresponding audio. Fascinating.
    There are four videos. Description is on the second video. Audio at 7:13: "white airplane", then a "white speck, no identification on it". Listening reveals the entire encounter and the continuing attempts to identify what it is they are seeing. Fascinating play-by-play. UFO/Unexplained.
  • What do 15 Musicians have in common? UFOs. Ledgernote
  • John Lennon in Nobody Told Me, "There's UFO's over New York and I ain't too surprised. Nobody told me there'd be days like these."
  • Countering a previous study that suggested Humans might freak out at the discovery of Aliens/ETs. This study (US) says melt-down is unlikely. Futurism 
  • Foreign Accent Syndrome reported in an Arizona woman who woke up one day with a British accent. Says she has a passport but has never been able to use it. Arizona Central. Past life connection? Jim Tucker researches children who remember past lives.
Researching for guests, this video stands out. Reminds me of Gary Wimmer and Dr. Richard House. Bill McDonald covers so much information in this interview, including healing, intuition in Vietnam, past life, meeting his Guru, finding his purpose, and his NDE. (UFO encounter is in another video.)

Another video. Bill McDonald was in India when he had an encounter with a disappearing Yogi. Some might call a miracle.

Reverend Bill McDonald on Facebook

My mom experienced a similar unexplainable time-slip when she inexplicably avoided a head-on collision (November, 2017). Dead center one moment and beyond in the next. (Kind of like the UFO story above, seen headed South in one moment and going North in the next.)

I asked her to draw a diagram to help describe just how impossible that scenario was. She did and was even more awestruck. A puzzler. The interesting side note, it happened during the week I interviewed Dr. Scott Kolbaba about Doctors who've witnessed miracles. Physician's Untold Stories

Mom must have qualified with her PhD. She's an Educator.

Dr. Allan Hamilton addresses encounters with supernatural and extraordinary in The Scalpel and the Soul. Doctors see miracles but they don't talk about it: Underground Health Reporter

Dr. House and Reverend McDonald share several common threads. Spiritual contact at an early age, NDEs and India. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Dr. Richard House.

Gary Wimmer suffered from Psychic overwhelm so intense he begged for it to stop. The guides asked if he was ready. Then a car slammed into him. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Psychic Gary Wimmer.

Believing is seeing. Knowing is relative.

Sri Yukteswar addressing young Yogananda: If you don't like my words, you are at liberty to leave at any time. I want nothing from you but your own improvement. Stay only if you feel benefited. - Autobiography of a Yogi, Read more.

Thank you for listening and sharing!
Stay Curious.

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