Jan 4, 2018

Trending UFO headlines suggest 2018 might be ushering in a bold new attitude: They're here.

"Resistance, however, is useless." (1939) - A. E. van Vogt

September, 2010. Six U. S. Air Force officers shared their stories in detail at a National Press Club Event. Organizers hoped their efforts to produce credible evidence and military officials as witnesses (Leslie Kean/UFOs) would nudge the UFO phenomena into mainstream dialogue and prompt official disclosure ...crickets...

The New York Times broke the story, 12/17, on the secret Pentagon UFO Study (Leslie Kean again) and it quickly went viral. The difference is a bonafide Pentagon secret UFO Study corroborator. Note: dates given imply the secret Pentagon UFO study was underway (2007-2012) at the time of the UFO National Press Club event in 2010.

With the continuation of personal revelations and stories increasingly highlighting the global audience bearing witness to these encounters and events, we may simply allow, no matter how incredible the circumstances are, the need for an informed public.

After all these years and numerous reports in dribs and drabs, documenting extraordinary encounters and sightings on all continents, denial is wearing thin.

NYTimes writer Dan Barry says his dad believed in UFOs. Lack of official government disclosure wasn't a deterrent.

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Love and Saucers - The film demonstrates why experiencers are at a disadvantage in trying to get the word out on their story at the outset. When the topic is taboo, ridicule is a good silencer. Add another brick if experiencers have to remember a thing they have been programmed to forget.

Might be foggy at first, but when they do puzzle everything back together, their stories force a reevaluation of our reality.

Ars Technica offers a wonderful review. Preview the film. Available to rent or buy.
To discover such an activity can happen in the midst of our "modern" society gives one pause, suggesting we are dealing with a presence we have little to no ability to thwart nor track. Given that scenario, it follows we are ill prepared for outright confrontation on any level.

Key for the experiencer, acknowledging the fact of this presence offers one very important component, validation. (As such, an awareness that he/she isn't crazy.) If support were part of the landscape more experiencers might fork over details that we have yet to uncover/recover.

Compiling available data may not provide the answers and definitions we hope but it will certainly allow for greater opportunity to face the issue knowing details are important and the ability to retain as much as possible might further enlighten us as to the purpose and scope of the activity.

Worst case scenario #1 - designated a pet planet, we are given special status as long as we provide sufficient resources (open to interpretation) and clean up our own fishbowl.

Possibilities are endless.

Therein lies the bugaboo with Disclosure. Lacking real answers, quantitative proof, ability to discern the true source or sources for our encounters or equal footing with the perpetual bevy of guests/visitors, Disclosure opens a bigger can of worms than it solves. As a bonus, it also requires someone at the top level of government willing to own the title of UFO Expert.

Quoting Senator Harry Reid (Twitter): "If anyone says they have the answers, they're fooling themselves." - Washington Examiner

Yes, I have had my own experiences. Discernment is key.  

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