Jan 5, 2018

SciXFriday - Mystery and anomaly in the dots connecting

"You could start at a path leading nowhere more fantastic than from your own front steps to the sidewalk, and from there you could go, well... anywhere at all." - Stephen King

And so it is. One of the most memorable days for me was the time we stepped out and everything had shifted. I was given a telepathic prompt that this would be the case and not to telegraph that our experience was unusual. It was during that time I saw people with horns and tails. I later discovered and interviewed another person who experienced something similar: Jonas Elrod. HuffPo

From that time forward, I opted to steer clear of those people. It isn't a thing one can easily forget. - The explanation given was they were focused on material things and that colored their view and influenced their appearance on the spirit plane. It was highly disconcerting.

OddnEnds -
  • Ethics and AI, it's time. Still in the works, a definition of ethics for AI. Technology Review
  • A Drug to reverse memory loss? Futurism
  • The ghost of Amy Winehouse? Her Dad says she appears to the family as a bird and that started happening soon after she died. Newsweek
  • Benefits of wearing a microchip? Early adopters might have a few tips. ArsTechnica
  • About that UFO story that has everyone talking? CNN Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington - who took heat for downplaying the Phoenix Lights event, even though he was a witness, was less circumspect ten years after the event. He says what he saw was not a man-made object, also says it is time the government conducted an open dialogue on UFOs. CNN link.
  • Nobody does selfies like Manny. On the 'Best of' list for 2017. Manny and friends.
 This Archeologist is about to enter - The Twilight Zone .... YouTube ...

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Back to the extraordinary in relationship to UFO experiences. 

I found a fascinating conversation posted on Facebook. UFOs, Spoonbending, Firewalking, Ghosts, Little People. John Alexander talks about his book Reality Denied, Anomalist Books

John talks about Experiencer Christopher Bledsoe. Strange things are happening. We have no explanation for these events. They simply challenge us to reframe our beliefs and expand the known. It's a transformative process, unique to each and every one who has these encounters. We are living in an amazing time. Chris tells his story on YouTube

There's just something about seeing astronauts watch The Last Jedi ... in space.

My Tweet: Michio Kaku will give a Multimedia Presentation about his new book, The Future of Humanity. Kansas City, February 28, 2018. Details at Rainy Day Books. BigThink/Kaku

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