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Jan 19, 2018

SciXFriday - Liquid Perks, Cooking with Vincent, timely encounters, pictures and dreams

"A man who limits his interests limits his life."- Vincent Price.

Oddsnends -

Stuck in replay. ... life in re-view. "Picture Wheel" takes that image and runs with it ...

Director: David O'Donnell
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Diversion: Men in Black, a few stories: Buzzfeed. Nick Redfern has more: Video.

-- My MIB encounter was in a dream. Nighttime. Me, standing out in the middle of a field watching a group of male friends a short distance away. I looked at the stars. A black car drove up through the field. Three men stepped out and walked up to me, all three wearing the classic black suit. Don't remember much about their faces and the conversation may have been telepathic. It seemed serious. I was told I needed to start doing what I agreed to do when I came here and somehow I knew exactly what they meant. Life changes ensued in short order. True story. - wendy

Out of Body experiences? How to have them and what to expect. Goodreads. My guest, Bob Peterson's book is available on line and his blog is a great resource for anyone interested in learning, improving or simply exploring the activity.

Interview 1/21/18. More of Bob's books are featured on Amazon. Catch the show at 8pm central on Wendy's Coffeehouse, KCMO Talk Radio or in the archives.

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