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Jan 10, 2018

Paul Davids - CIA Mind Control, LSD, Zen and MK-ULTRA ... fractured programing

"One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

A quick recap -

What if you were part of a study you were never supposed to remember? Fine print: no one told you that part. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview - Paul Davids talks about his experience in the 60's. Blowing American's Minds - A true story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen.

When Paul Davids and John Selby were college students at Princeton in the 60's, they volunteered for a research study that turned out to be part of a secret CIA Mind Control program. MK-ULTRA details at The Black Vault. The study combined the use of psychedelics, popular at the time, and deep-level hypnosis.

Led to believe the sessions would aid consciousness expansion, spiritual awareness and, the kicker: better sex, they signed on. At the time, Psychedelic research was in vogue and funded by seemingly reputable sources. One of the high profile names touting the benefits of LSD Therapy at the time was Cary Grant. WFMU.org  Omitted fine print for the study would have noted the CIA involvement.

Paul Davids - Bio and Credits Link  - Includes 'Roswell: The UFO Coverup' and 'An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death.' (The Sequel)

Ram Dass talks about Timothy Leary - from Paul Davids' film, 'Timothy Leary's Dead', IMDB  -

Paul and John provide an intimate footnote to this part of CIA MK ULTRA history and unlike some of the other research subjects, some who were uninformed about their part in the study, they survived relatively unscathed.

Some of those negative stories are tragic. They're related in the following documentary link. One incredibly chilling application tested was referred to as 'De-patterning', using a combination of sleep and electro-shock. To better appreciate what that program was about, watch this documentary on YouTube.

Paul and John suggest they wanted to tell their story earlier but various factors, some personal and others, including difficulty in accessing background information due to the secrecy of the program and the institutions involved, made the information difficult to recover.

Each became caught up in the program and each responded differently. Mind control prompts included attempts to wipe memories and keep the information suppressed and it seems that was overcome.

Makes for an interesting read and raises questions about current methods of mind control (world wide) in use as a result of information gleaned from those studies and others like them. Worth knowing to better understand one's vulnerability to mind programming of all sorts, period.

Who do you listen to? What stories are you running? Who is informing your choices? Is there anything important you might have forgotten? Might you have a sensitivity to trigger words? If such programs are effective - how would the public ever know? Every decision you make is a programming choice. Stay curious. Visit Paul and John at Blowing America's Mind.

Curiously, it was only through an odd case of misfiling that the MK ULTRA program was ultimately discovered and revealed. And that's another story.

You can follow Paul at PaulDavids.com
John Selby has been exploring Meditation and Consciousness for years. I found his work in a piece he contributed to the book Kundalini Rising (Penny Kelly also contributes. Our interview is here). Through continued research John has discovered excellent insight on enhancing meditation and developed an app to assist. That work is at Wizewell
Extra credit for meditators - John's Books on Amazon

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