Jan 1, 2018

On the road to Disclosure - expect intentional obfuscation ... 2018, the year to celebrate all things curious!

“Do you ever wonder if--well, if there are people living on the third planet?' 'The third planet is incapable of supporting life,' stated the husband patiently. 'Our scientists have said there's far too much oxygen in their atmosphere.” - Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

OddsnEnds -
  • 2018 has arrived! While we didn't have aliens land on the front lawn of the White House, the next best thing landed in 2017: Viral headlines after New York Times launched the story on the acknowledgment of a secret Pentagon UFO study, CNN. Thus, demonstrating the UFO subject matter can make headlines and nudge the topic into mainstream discourse without triggering mass hysteria. Boom!
  • 5 'good' reasons to believe in UFOs: NatGeo (Disregard wrong spelling on Leslie Kean. Book link for more info UFOs)
  • 1 most important reason to believe in UFOs: You've seen them. UFO Stalker current reports.
  • Indiana UFO encounter near military installation in 1994: Open Minds
  • Evidence for contact exists. Dr. Steven Greer's recent film: Unacknowledged on Vimeo
  • Continuing with Dr. Greer. This is the CE-5 contact info. Close encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence. Explore the page on evidence.
  • Bob Dean and his stories are unforgettable. This interview includes revelation of having been aware of ET contact from childhood and surviving circumstances he believes should have been fatal encounters. Doesn't care for the terms ET, Alien and UFO. Terms he says are much more accurate and appropriate are Interplanetary, Intergalactic, Interstellar and Interdimensional. Bob says disclosure is underway through subliminal education. He refers to the Project Camelot Interviews. Link here. 
Highlighting Wendy's Coffeehouse interview archives, is an ongoing fascination with the UFO, ET, Owl connection. Other animals might also factor in (one example is Deer), but Mike Clelland demonstrates a compelling case for owls. Show 4/2/17 Mike Clelland.

2006 is the year Mike says everything started to come together for the work he is doing now. Mikes presentation at Exopolitics Great Britain.

Synchronicities - Mike talks about the crazy stuff that happened for him in 2009. My experiences were also incredibly odd that year. It helped having Andy with me to affirm the events. 1997 was another incredible year. Owls do factor in on more than one occasion but a standout is the time we went to (our only time so far) a UFO Conference in Texas. We saw an incredible large, white owl flying overhead.

For more exploring and wondering visit the blogger friend Mike mentions during the above video.
Called At Spiral's End on Live Journal.

UFO Disclosure related - in the Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives

Show 6/4/16 - Suzanne and Scott Ramsey - The Aztec UFO Incident - Review: “There is no question that an intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft was recovered by agents of the government of the United States near Aztec, New Mexico, in March 1948, and taken for classified study and evaluation. This is a fascinating and carefully done exposé well worth reading.” - Stanton T. Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science

Show 6/11/16 - Thomas J. Carey - Children of Roswell - Lifetime impact of Roswell on families forced to live with the truth while accepting the government's account of the incident, then forced to face years of suppression and fear of reprisal from a government sworn to protect them. - "I never saw my father so scared.": New Page Books Blog

Show 9/24/16 - Ardy Sixkiller Clarke - More Encounters with Star People, Urban American Indians Tell Their Stories. Ardy has spent several years traveling to collect her stories. Recommend the stories from South America as well. One includes a guy who visits a mother ship frequently.

Show 3/26/2016 - Krsanna Duran - Time shifts and Earth changes. Krsanna oversees Ida Kannenberg's material. Kannenberg's contact experiences began in 1940 and eventually explores connection between UFOs and Bigfoot. TimeStar

Never a lack of curious to explore. Have a story? - You are not alone. Share it. 

Until then, lighten up: People of Earth. DVD is out. A gem. Rotten Tomatoes critic's rating: 92%.  Binge watch TBS or Buy Season 1 (Best Buy). POE/Twitter and a Hollywood Reporter gold star review (Season 2).

Happy New Year! 
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