Jan 25, 2018

OBEs with Bob Peterson, Adventures beyond the physical... we are energy

“Always know and remember that you are more than your physical body.” - Robert A. Monroe, The Monroe Institute, Books

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The dots connected when I discovered Bob Peterson's blog at about the same time I found his book at the Half Price Book Store. That was my cue to schedule an interview. That book can also be ordered through Amazon. I do like having the actual book.

However, you can also read it online and that link is here. The great thing about the blog is the ongoing personal interaction and his book reviews on related subjects.

During our interview Bob mentioned that he and his wife attended a seminar with William Buhlman at The Monroe Institute. I did interview William as he was just getting started giving his presentations. FAQs about Monroe programs and OBEs.

In this interview on Empower Radio, he talks about healing from Stage 4 Cancer during his OBE.
Learning he could ask for help in the non-physical state, William did exactly that. (In my interview with Dr. Richard House, he remembers being healed in the 4th dimension during his near death experience. A spirit guide warned him about dying at 33 when he was a teenager.)

"Humans are well known for weaving intricate webs of thought and then ensnaring themselves in their own creations. Our universe functions as a powerful energy mirror. With every focused thought you are broadcasting waves of creative energy into your immediate environment. Few realize that their thoughts have a powerful impact upon the subtle energies around them." - William Buhlman, Adventures in the Afterlife and for more info: AstralInfo.org

Bob Peterson's recent blog post has tips and advice for the novice and the practiced.

He says people often tell him they've had trouble achieving success at having an out of body experience even though they might have been trying for years. When he asks what they have been doing, the most common problem is failing to experiment with different methods. He offers several methods to trigger an OBE in the book and on the blog.

My experiences vary. Several have been spontaneous OBE's, some happened in meditation and one extraordinary event involved being tossed out by my spirit guides while undergoing hypnosis. The therapist was present but the activity was directed and assisted by the guides. They had information they wanted to give me and wanted to make a point while I had full conscious awareness. It worked.

Through the years my spirit helpers have continued to guide and coach using their unconventional methods. Fascinating how little we know about what is truly possible beyond this physical form and the role and purpose of all the unseen others who offer guidance and support. No jumping ahead with this stuff. We do not know until we are ready. Learning never stops.

For more OBE insight, be sure to check out Jurgen Ziewe Multidimensional Man. He has a very active main site with continuing updates.

Alzheimer's isn't what you think?
For an advanced view - beyond the body encounters and continued communication with a life partner in an altered state, renowned Biofeedback pioneer Elmer Green (Menninger Foundation) shares the incredible story he lived with his wife.

He believes Alzheimer's is the condition of being between worlds. The person remains in the physical state while the spirit is already active on the next, non-physical plane. He writes about that in The Ozawkie Book of the Dead. (There are 3 books in the series.)

One of the last interviews Dr. Green gave is here: KTWU (Sunflower Journeys). He talks about relieving headaches with biofeedback, testing healers in the amazing copper room, a guru who could stop his heart and what he learned about Alzheimer's through his wife.

*References to Sri Aurobindo, Swami Rama, Ram Dass. Not mentioned is BioEnergy Healer Mietek Wirkus. I was fortunate to have taken a class with him.

"Synchronicity is when its arranged by the spirit. Coincidence is when its arranged by you." - Elmer Green

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