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Dec 18, 2017

Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor/Sacred Vision Oracle Cards, Pentagon UFO Study merits Disclosure

"I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real." - Edgar Mitchell

OddsnEnds - Slam dunk! - A 2017 UFO news bombshell dropped over the weekend.  The potato chip bag is now open...

In 2011, I interviewed Leslie Kean for Conscious Living(link) about her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go On the Record.
Leslie's newest book is Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. She encountered some extraordinary mediums. I interviewed her about that on Wendy's Coffeehouse and also for Conscious Living on Empower Radio

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview 12/17/2017, KCMO Talk Radio, with Lynn Andrews and Native Artist Robert Taylor

Lynn Andrews is known to many for her Medicine Woman series, now in the 46th printing. With some 20 books and four decades of work, Lynn has traveled the world and trained with a diverse group of medicine women, as such, developing a treasured archive of shamanic wisdom to pull from.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Andrews’ narrative opens a window onto an aspect of Native American culture seldom explored. Her portrayal of the pre-eminently sacred role of woman and the traditions that keep their ancient wisdom are remarkably accurate.”

Robert Taylor's work is currently on exhibit at the University of Oklahoma's Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art through December 30, with 60 pieces on display. OU. He was recently profiled in the Oklahoma Gazette. Including more background on Robert's unique painting style, from 1997, read this feature in Southwest ArtFollow Robert on Facebook

Sacred Vision Oracle Cards - Lynn Andrews/Robert Taylor
Robert's artwork deftly interweaves the shamanic element into this deck through color, symbol and metaphor. Each design is capable of triggering knowing beyond the image. I really enjoyed hearing his perspective.

In the companion book, Lynn provides the interpretations for the meaning of the card and Robert addresses the nature of the visual he created.

Images and energy merge to combine the two talents in a wonderful fashion. This is not a contemplative deck, rather, it is a catalyst for change and active engagement, an energizer to get the ball rolling on whatever issue is ready to be examined. 

I didn't anticipate the topic of cattle mutilations in Hawaii. Lynn had been there for a recent retreat and said they were getting reports there. I wish we had more time so I could have followed up but it might have derailed the interview because I had both Lynn and Robert for the show. With commercials and news the total guest time for the hour is under 40 minutes. And it flies! 

I do have a guest coming up who can talk about covering those investigations. 2018 interview shout out to Margie Kay, Missouri MUFON Assistant State Director, and Jean Walker! Margie is featured in Topic UFO

Note: Author Ben Mezrich found an interesting correlation with cattle mutilations on the "UFO Highway."(Who is Chuck Zukowski?) Someone flagged this interviewer for me on twitter. He's interviewing Ben. Podcast: The Malliard Report/37th Parallel interview
Side note: Chuck's sister is Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Missouri MUFON State Director

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Extra Note: I wrote about Lynn and Robert in an earlier post and shared some of that again here.wtter.com/MarkDRudningen/status/942176398453510144

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