Sep 1, 2017

SciXFriday: U.F.Oh Yeah. Weird, Strange, Curious: Far OUT is closer than you think

"Take only memories. Leave nothing but footprints." - Chief Seattle

OddnEnds -

  • Predict Earthquakes? Tech listens to the noise, does the math. Results: promising. PhysOrg 
  • ET. The sound of potential. Breakthrough Listen is picking up audio from a galaxy far, far away." FRB 121102 was discovered five years ago in the constellation Auriga, and astronomers already knew that it was a source of repeated fast radio bursts, or FRBs. That’s why Breakthrough Listen added the source to its list of targets for observation." Source: CNET and GeekWire 
  • Mothman? Still a mystery. Chicago Tribune  
  • Seriously UFO. Book your Devil's Tower UFO Rendezvous - KOTATV.  September 14 - 16. Details and Registration info.
  • Retro fab = Remastered version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in theaters for a one week engagement. HollywoodReporter 
  • Summer treat! Blade Runner 2049 short film prequel. Jared Leto stars: Collider
Sci-Fi Short Film fun - U.F.Oh Yeah - Suddenly, there arose such a noise and a clatter ... You'll never guess what was the matter. UFO buff is overjoyed at his opportune encounter...

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A few notes on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts on behalf of the non-human victims - Rescue Organizations out-of-state are stepping up to assist with Animal care. In preparation, many shelters had arranged to ship out their adoptable pets to make room for incoming animals. Example: Atlanta Journal Constitution

About the Hawk who took cover in a cab with driver William Bruso, links include a follow-up and more info on Pet and Wildlife Rescue efforts.

Overview on Pet and Wildlife Rescues underway in Texas - Fox News
'Harvey the Hurricane Hawk' is in the care of TWRC. Update Video and information for the
Texas Wildlife Rescue - Main site and GoFundMe Site *"Recommend you call 713-468-8972 ahead to verify if we have room for your animal."

Wings of Rescue is continuing to fly animals who were already in shelters out to other states in order to create space for displaces pets. Follow on Facebook

Providing a personal account, National Geographic photographer Erin Trieb documented her experience moving her Mom to drier ground as the water began seeping in. Mom had three dogs.

She then waded through chest-deep water to get to her sister's house and described the scene in her Nat Geo story: "I can only remember hearing the chirping of frogs," she said. "Birds were quiet. The wind wasn't blowing hard. There was a strange and still effect all over the neighborhood." Her video, posted on YouTube.

I remember the flood we were in (Mom, my brother and I) when I was in grade school, about 8 years old. Water left everything coated with several inches of mud. Ruined the car, furnishings, appliances, clothes, toys - house. Mom cut her foot, stepping into my bike wheel (unseen and blocking the entry door) when she carried us out of the house through chest-high flood water. Coming down the stairs from my upstairs bedroom, Mom had to coax me to get into her arms in the cold, muddy water. I looked over to see the refrigerator door standing wide open, light on, water half-way up the door. Ketchup and condiments lined neatly in the door shelf, surreal. Memories like that fade but they don't go away. We walked up the hill to the neighbor's dry house. 20 minutes later, the water had gone. Mom lost everything. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule - 

9/3 - Dr. Richard House - Voice told him when he was a teenager, he would die at age 33. He did. NDE. He came back to a life shift and an extraordinary mystical awakening, Between Now and When
9/10 - Annie Kagan - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, life after death revelations from a brother who checks back in. Book Promo on YouTube
9/17 - Fate Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Galde

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