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Sep 29, 2017

SciXFriday - Mind Screens, Altered States and Cats

"Reality is the story we tell ourselves until the real thing shows up and demands an upgrade." - Talking to Nightlights II

Paying attention. This is Reality. Really?

OddsnEnds - Stories in progress, imagined to look real, set on 'Pause', we call it News -
  • Scientists (deGrasse Tyson and Greene on the probability we are living in a Matrix. Express 
  • Proof the Matrix thing is happening. New Yorker 
  • Elon Musk on the Matrix reality. Telegraph. 
  • Before AI starts a war (USAToday), Elon Musk would like to get us to Mars.
  • Mars Target dates 2022 and 2024. LATimes
  • UFO sightings along The 37th Parallel
  • Traveling the UFO Highway Fox 
  • Believe in ghosts? Try Ghosts of the Tsunami by Richard Lloyd Parry, Non-Fiction - What happened to the living and the dead in the 2011 Japan Tsunami?

Sci-Fi Short Film - 9 Minutes - A man and his dog have unexpected guests. What the man doesn't remember is captured on his phone. Watch til the end...

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More films like this on DUST  (Sci-Fi short films on YouTube)

Low and behold, My Matrix Moment involves a Cat. How long did it take me to figure this out? A few years. 

Chloe the Cat is my muse. I've dozens of poses I swear are her very best and then those are replaced with a few dozen more. Fortunately, I have one classic image in a portrait, a personal work of creative inspiration that might best capture her expression in the experience I relate.

Good thing, because that is the pose that suggests what I see and what reality might be are not as in sync as what I store in my memory.

Broad daylight, normal day, no weird weather anomalies or spooky theme music. I simply walked from one area of the house to the next. In doing so, I stepped into the hallway and caught Chloe perched on the back of a chair in the living room, gazing directly at me.

Image Credit Wendy Garrett - Chloe
Focused on my project, I continued walking, thinking about how she always seemed to manage a perfect photo op. Maybe I really should take a picture, I thought. Perched as she had been on the back of the chair, in full view, wearing her green collar with the pink heart tag in the center. Posture, color, lighting: flawless.

And then I stopped walking. Quickly, I reversed course and went back to take a second look at Chloe.

Back down the hall and into the living room. Chloe is in the chair but not perched on top. The chair back is too skinny to hold her in the position I saw as I passed by. And it would have put her above the chair at the height I witnessed. Seeing her now, I see she is completely at ease, seated in the chair and facing a different direction.

No way. For one thing, there was no time for her to have claimed this new position and direction. But the real quizzer that gave the ruse away and caught me dead in my tracks, Chloe doesn't wear a collar.

Not only does she NOT wear a collar, she refuses to the point of Houdini-ing out of any practical or cutesy adornment I have ever tried to saddle her with.

Another mystery beyond that made it even more perplexing. At the time, I seemed to have a sense of memory about the collar being part of her normal attire. It was as if I had always seen her wearing it. The reality I know is not even close. I was astounded by the fact that it took me a few moments to catch the quirks of that scene.

For months, I replayed the scene. Eventually, I settled on three possibilities. 1 = dimension shift. 2 = parallel timeline. 3 = altered state.

More recently, another possibility dawned. The directness in her gaze was uncharacteristic. Our eyes met and something about that instant was different. The collar was not a remote possibility for Chloe's personality. And the height was wrong because the chair doesn't have room for her to seat herself in that fashion.

A single option now fits best: Screen Memory. Reality ____ overload! So many questions, given that the redirect was intentional. I start with one: "Who or what was I unable/not allowed to see?"

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