Sep 26, 2017

Points of interest: Mary Rodwell, Experiencers and Starseeds

"Implanted then into the structure of our emotional bodies were nonverbal, time-released melodies that would help us to awaken even when conscious understanding was far from present. A number of us were musically commissioned and given the role of introducing the trigger melodies." - Ken Carey, *Return of the Bird Tribes,

Brave new future -

This Cosmic Human blending has been going on for quite some time.
The difference now: 1/Connection. 2/Use of language and terms that better identify the experience.

3/Awareness that some who have 'forgotten' are beginning to remember and identify similar encounters that are, for the first time, beginning to have a context. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Rey Hernandez We spoke about the upcoming book from the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

Rey forwarded this message:  Do you live in Florida? Australian Experiencer Researcher, Mary Rodwell, FREE retired academic professor a Neuroscientist, Dr. Bob Davis, and Dr. Joseph Burkes, a retired medical doctor who frequently posts on Ufology and on Experiencer Contact issues, and I, Rey Hernandez, FREE Co-Founder, will be presenting at a Conference in Miami, Florida. Please contact our email for more information:

Mary Rodwell's presentation on the Cosmic Human and Star Children.  

Mary will be speaking at the Miami event, October 28th, 2017. Details on Facebook do not include the location. Does include Ph. 786-291-2105. 

More contact information and other events are posted on FREE.

Years ago, early 1990's, another channel told me I was a Starseed. Didn't quite know what to do with that information but it did trigger increased curiosity, researching, exploring and subsequent introduction to the Ken Carey material.

Then there was the most amazing vision.

[I was standing at the entryway to another room. A man stood directly in front of me, unlike any human I had ever seen, skin covered in very tiny, iridescent feathers of various colors.

Inches apart, we stood face to face. No words. Me, mesmerized at how extraordinarily beautiful he was and how those tiny feathers covered his skin, perfectly in place. His eyes were brown and he was my height. I tried desperately to freeze the image so that I could remember him and maybe paint a picture.

My mind was filling with impressions and information but the visual was so startling I was overwhelmed with emotions I had no name for and couldn't process the information fast enough. It seemed he intended for me to know of his presence.

I was being allowed to see him and I was supposed to remember.

Slowly, he smiled. His eyes danced. Then he turned and walked through the doorway, into another dimension. I was not meant to follow, just to remember. And so I have.]  

Contact began several years prior to the Nightlight engagement. In bits and pieces, information dropped. I remember nightly (dreaming) classes and information on self-healing. Shortly after being told humans are connected to others in the Pleiades, I found a collection of dolls hidden in a trash bag. 7 Sisters. Food for thought.

I have been given symbols and code and precognitive cues in reference to encounters with significant others. My origination, they said: Arcturus. Indeed? That background is intriguing. Crystalinks

However, mentions have also included relationships to Sirius and Lyra. The statement in recent years when I asked if I might see them: "We don't want to frighten you."

They are guardians. I thought they were higher spirit guides and angels and they too are part of this experience. It can sometimes be hard to differentiate because they take different form. Guides I have seen in physical presence appear as colored mist and sparks. Others wear white robes and carry clipboards. In the dream time, they are cobalt blue and chalk white.

Also in the dream time, an encounter with the Men in Black (2008) who told me I needed to 'start doing what I agreed to do when I came here.'

Maybe you are remembering too. We are not alone. Finally, the veil is thinning.

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"I began to wonder why I had always assumed that human thought was the only kind of thought - as if nature would be content with a single species of flower, or just one kind of tree.” - Ken Carey, The Third Millennium

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