Aug 18, 2017

SciXFriday - Eclipsed and Cropped ... humor sneaks into the (quantum) field

"I worry once you've tried to change the world, you find it's easier to change your mind." - Jane Wagner, Fun with Jane: Book, Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe, LilyTomlin's Blog

Odd and ends of interest -- 
  • Ticking down .. Solar Eclipse fever. It's all about the timing. Wired .. When Exactly? Wolfram 
  • Cruise Marketing Brilliant!: Bonnie Tyler will be singing at the aha moment. Time 
  • PS: PLEASE. Wear the glasses. CNN 
  • Eclipse 'Debbie Downer', the what could possibly go wrong angle. Throughout history there have been more than a few phobias and bad omens attached to eclipses. USAToday 
  • In some Native American Traditions - viewing was discouraged. DailyMail Feature 2012 
  • You decide. UFO flying in front of the Capitol Building in Washington? UFOSightingsHotspot 
  • Monkey Biz - servers are the main attraction at a Japanese Bar - UPI

Weekender Chillaxn' - 90's Sci-Fi movies - 20 count - includes Galaxy Quest -- or critic's suggested list of 50 (long weekend) -- cnet

SciFi short film: Cropped. Bunch of circle chasers stuck in a field. Meltdown ensues ..

Director: Chris Thomas on Vimeo
and Main site: check out the features, including Being Human

Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule - 

8/20 - Chad and Alta Dillard - Orbducted in the French Quarter. Paranormal, UFO, Unexplained - 'High Strangeness' overload. Mike Clelland has a related post on his blog: Hidden Experience. Audio Interview Podcast Episode 25/The Confessionals. Facebook Link. Book available in Etsy

8/27 - Rey Hernandez - Video Interview. Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters/FREE at Experiencer.Org. UFO Contactee studies ongoing. Rey posted several video sessions with Experiencer, Alberto  Results suggest the phenom is happening on multiple levels of awareness. Consciousness Studies

9/3 - Dr. Richard House - NDE, (Real name) was a teenager when something/someone told him he would die at age 33. And die, he did. Extraordinary, mystical journey: Between Now and When

9/10 - Annie Kagan - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, life after death revelations from a brother who reports back in on his experience in the afterlife. Book Promo on YouTube

9/17 - Maureen St. Germain - Waking up in 5D

Optioning this last note: "The ability to delude yourself may be an important survival tool." - Jane Wagner

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