Aug 26, 2017

Reality Chequered - Messages, Mediums and Websurf Divination

“Ours is the first age in which many thousands of the best-trained individual minds have made it a full-time business to get inside the collective public mind.” - Marshall McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man, The Mechanical Bride, Marshall McLuhan Estate

How did I get to the above info? Twitter: I follow Callum Cooper, Telephone Calls from the Dead/Amazon, and did a quick search to follow his latest activities. 

That led to a long read he had bookmarked on StrangeHistory: The Earliest Telephone Call from the Dead. Found more than one item of interest in that piece, including this one: source. Another referenced a book called, The Automaton Ear.

Curious, I searched and came up with this post on books, NYTimes, detailing the fascinating story of Marshall McLuhan and that review opened up several important issues -

Example: In "Understanding Media," McLuhan suggests that electric modes of communication--telegraph, radio, television, movies, telephones, computers--are similarly reshaping civilization in the 20th century. Whereas print-age man saw one thing at a time in consecutive sequence--like a line of type--contemporary man experiences numerous forces of communication simultaneously, often through more than one of his senses.

"All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perception and arbitrary values."  - Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964

Knowing vs. understanding. Def: Philosophy. It would seem there is a huge level of Tech Blindness in our ability to discern knowing and understanding regarding the subtle and pervasive influence of Media beyond use as a sales tool (in all forms). 

- Suggest Social Media Under-the-Influence-Ignorance Danger Zone now sits at a Yellow Tango level. Stepping on toes is part of the scene. Stopping is an option. Music stops. No harm, no foul.

- When and If this engagement morphs to Social Media Under-the-Influence-Ignorance Bull Fight Red level, music is irrelevant. Conditionally enraged Bull's sole purpose is take down. No discussion, no argument. Dancer in fight garb has not been trained as he considered the Bull a source of entertainment until the door opened to the ring.

Odds are, the game is not what it seems. 

McCluhan's bread crumbs? Learn about media in multiple forms and the purpose behind it: to engage energy (to shift behavior/emotion). In his words, "By knowing how technology shapes our environment, we can transcend its absolutely determining power."

The good fortune for HI (Human Intelligence). All things are possible.

Phone calls from the Dead? McCluhan died in 1980 but he foresaw the issues now front and center in our timeline. How interesting the Medium fueled an information redirect via Twitter.

Tangential association: Callum Cooper also authored Conversations with Ghosts, about acclaimed Psychic Alex Tanous.

Shortly after reading that book, I had a visionary encounter. Took me by surprise but I had no doubt about the identity of the person who came walking toward me with a long stride and sense of direct purpose. Dressed in black, he had the distinctive mustache and a very deliberate gaze. It seemed he had something to give me and I automatically held out my hands. He smiled and, making no attempt to speak, handed me two items.

Ever-present, manifesting in each and every thought.   
I don't remember the position at the moment but, in one hand he gave me a wrapped present. White paper with a red bow.

In the other hand he gave me a celery heart with the beginning stalk just starting to bloom. I realized later that was an image I posted as an icon a few years ago and had photographed while trying to start celery from the leftover celery heart.

He turned and went back to a dark colored car that I cannot describe because it happened too fast.

My interpretation. The future is in our hands. What we do with the present is up to us. Manifesting our creation with each and every breath, we are capable of so much more than has yet been acknowledged. Our minds are endowed with extraordinary potential. Ref: Ingo Swann - Super Powers of the Human Biomind

Learning to work with and upgrade conscious knowing and intended thought in the present state is the challenge. To avoid recreating a past, escape the seductive embrace of the nostalgic and envision a solid and fully fleshed out (Utopian) future. Sci-Fi has been enthusiastically seeding this area (toying with dark and light aspects) for decades and the results are evident. Level up! 

Relative Notes: 
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