Aug 22, 2017

8/20/17, Orbducted in the French Quarter: Alta and Chad Dillard meet the Twilight Zone

And there it was... or was it? 

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Odd n ends -
  • UK UFO Investigator Philip Mantle (Novel/Once Upon a Missing Time) shares his favorite unsolved cases, also said to be giving his last public appearance. DailyMail
  • Keeping watch on Earth: NASA live feed. Also on Ustream
  • Solar Eclipse maps with humor bookmarked from twitter: "Can someone make a map where I can Drink a Beer, See Sasquatch, and get abducted by a UFO during the Eclipse?" And here they are: CNET
  • How GREAT it was. Here are the Solar Eclipse 2017 epics (epic pics) that show - lots of people - had a wonderful time Sun/Moon Gazing. Cheers to Hiawatha, KS for making this totality line-up! BBC
  • Recycle those glasses for viewers of the next Solar Eclipse in South America and Asia. Astronomers without Borders plans to distribute the glasses to schools. Info
  • Update! Just found out - 8/22/17 - she survived.
    • Our injured Dove is recovering! We picked her up from the street after seeing her dodging traffic and struggling to stay in the median last Tuesday night. I tried at first to set her in the yard but she refused to leave my hand. And, in closer examination, her injuries were more severe and needed medical attention. 
      Kept her warm and calm until we were able to deliver her the next morning.
    • Broken wing.
      Broken wing. Mourning Dove 8/16/17
      Delivered to Operation Wildlife (KS)
      Recovering. 8/22/17 Success!

      Quick shout out to Operation Wildlife, Linwood Kansas - upcoming fundraiser event is posted on their site.

      Caregiver who gave me the good news said they have 20 some doves now and provide services for some 4 thousand animals per year.

      Thank you!

The GREAT Solar Eclipse of 2017
...with ET ambiance. (Andy's pic)

Rescued a relative after car breakdown the night before the eclipse, so we had a later start than planned. Managed to find a spot with great cloud cover. It had looked partly cloudy until 15 minutes prior to the Eclipse.

Andy snapped what he could prior to the big moment. Then, at the very second of totality. [...Dense cloud block...]
*Buckets of rain and flooding followed later in the afternoon and again in the evening.

Hold on. Can you see the alien face in this one?
Just above the right center.
So - we were exactly where we needed to be.
That made it all worthwhile. ;)  

Now playing, the newest Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast/KCMO Talk Radio - Orbducted in the French Quarter: Alta and Chad Dillard

In the beginning, fresh from the encounter with an unexplained and deeply disturbing disruption of the 'known', Alta and Chad Dillard say they simply chose not to talk about it.

Eventually, the cat was out of the bag and they documented their experience in a book. They set a timeline loaded with numerous fantastic encounters in a book, in an effort to put context to content and maybe, just maybe, make sense of the whole thing.

I recognize the pattern. When something happens that blows your definition of reality completely out of the frame, it shatters the known and opens the floodgate on "what if?".

Sharing that upgraded view when the upset is still new and questions about everything are still bombarding your daily existence is not a priority. However, when the atoms settle and the expanded awareness morphs out of discombobulating into fascinating, sharing becomes easier.

Orbducted on Etsy
Given my own experiences and those I have shared with my husband Andy (some events too fantastic to relate in explicit detail because the words don't exist), I believe we can best learn through sharing the information, suspending judgment and exploring the interconnected dots.

Reality is full of parts we have yet to identify and most likely that includes those beyond our ability to notice. 

Orbducted in the French Quarter by Alta and Chad Dillard offers a variety of perplexing parts.

Interconnected? Yet to be determined as the story is ongoing.

As stated in the description of the book, "From aliens to ghosts, to a shape shifter, from meeting people who have been seen, and some unseen, this is a story for the open minded. In 1995 Chad & Alta experienced their first UFO, a massive sight in Hammond, Louisiana."  

Doors to the unknown are cast open wide. With this type of encounter/engagement/experience, our standard method of determining substantiating proof is often impossible due to the lack of adequate quantification tools, replicability and/or corroborating witnesses. However, those who have experienced similar events - recognize the hallmarks in the details.

When it comes to PSI, experience trumps knowing. Believe it and not. These experiences require a willingness to explore and embrace the unknown long enough to gain the familiarity needed to map it.

In our interview Chad talks about being shown a very unusual scene by ETs. He thought it seemed important and wondered about the purpose in showing him. He was told he would know in time. Apparently, the time has yet to arrive.  

Answers are unavailable until we truly understand the totality of the environment we are playing in and have some way of recognizing the various unseen elements contributing to the encounter. Evolution in progress. It's all relative. Dive in and know more.

Alta and Chad on Facebook: Orbducted 

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