Jul 21, 2017

SciXFriday - Connecting Strings, Paranormal Alternatives and Animal Quirks

“Welcome to Telepathics Anonymous. Don’t bother introducing yourself.” - Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic

Misc. and Etc. Links -
  •  A score for String Theory. Upgraded math on Black Holes. Don't ask. Read: NYTimes
  • This is your brain on a smart phone: "Your cognitive capacity is significantly reduced when your smartphone is within reach — even if it’s off — suggests new research." Not so smart. Science Daily 
  • Expert photographs UFO, says he can't identify it. MUFON Unexplained. Daily Mail 
  • New Book on the reading list - “The Matrix Control System of Philip K. Dick and the Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley.” - Supernatural Magazine 
  • Blade Runner 2049 Promo Number 2 
  • Bad break. Goat busted on security cam. Behavior explained as "having fun"... Suggestion. Reflection in the glass? Nat Geo  
In the beginning, the creator took a few liberties. Award winning, "The Looking Planet" ...

From the YouTube description: Produced on a 2007 Mac Pro home computer.
Very special thanks to the Kaingang of Brazil. Thanks also to Solid Angle SL, Marcos Fajardo,
Kathy Smith, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.
The Looking Planet: Website

Wendy's Coffeehouse Schedule - 
7/23 - Jason DeBord Dream Interpretation - The Dream Theater. Revisiting dreams.

Update - Production tap dance. "Best Of" interview replay on 7/30 - BLT Researcher Nancy Talbott is recuperating from a major health issue. Sending good thoughts! Follow Nancy on Facebook.
One of the most listened to programs in the archives. We'll add my current news and rebroadcast her interview. Cognitive Dissonance/Crop Circles and the head-scratching Enigma: Robbert. 
Reschedule - Moving to October - Steve Hammons, Blog Communications Professional, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Novelist: Mission into Light and Light's Hand

8/6 - Jon Kelly, Reverse Speech Analyst: Your Inner Voice and NewsInsideOut
8/13 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
8/20 - Chad and Alta Dillard - Orbducted in the French Quarter. Paranormal, UFO, 'High Strangeness' overload. Audio Interview Podcast Episode 25/The Confessionals. Book: Etsy
8/27 - Rey Hernandez - Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters/FREE at Experiencer.Org. UFO Contactee studies ongoing. Results suggest the phenom is happening on multiple levels of awareness. Consciousness Studies

Join me for the live show 8 pm central time, Sunday or catch the podcast download 24/7
Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives.
Whatever dimension you hail from, Thank you for listening and sharing!

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