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Jul 3, 2017

Garnet Schulhauser and Spirit Guide Albert Surf the Astral Plane

"Call it Magick because that's exactly what creativity is. It's the ability to cause change in accordance with WILL." - Weschcke/Slate - Self Empowerment and your Subconscious Mind

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Have personal encounters with unexplained piqued your curiosity? A unique manifestation in physical being, blending body and source, each has his own story, unified and unfolding in consciousness knowing, recognized and not. After a lifetime, experiences, details, impact, relevance, perspective and highlights begin to blend, merge, coalesce.

Journaling our perceived anomalies in process helps to retain the flow and chart patterns and progress. When shared, there is some assurance these experiences are a natural aspect of being human rather than indicating oddity or unhealthy disposition. As such, we are more likely to uncover a commonality threaded within each and every riddle of unexplained. Only in mapping this fantastic seemingly abstract territory can we discover how far the mind can flow.

Intrigued? Follow Altered Perceptions Magazine for a mix of unknown, unexplained, thought provoking and fantastical. Mind expanding stories to grow by.

Sample, July 2017: It Is What It Is. ….But What The Heck Is it??

"Soon the experience unfolded with a new and very unusual addition. It looked like hundreds of small marble sized, white glowing, pulsating and translucent balls of light swirling down from up around the ceiling of the hallway. Those lights kept swirling downward and eventually appeared to concentrate in a mass near the floor (a mass that resembled a small four legged animal), around the lower right portion of the doorway. Then I found myself instantly laying in bed, on my back, looking up at the bedroom ceiling!" - Publisher and Editor Brent Raynes  Read more

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - Garnet Schulhauser and spirit guide Albert / Book 4

Garnet Schulhauser's Spirit Guide showed up as a homeless man in the flesh. Said his name was Albert and he wanted to show him a few things. Albert kept the flesh package for three encounters then shifted to non-physical and Garnet's journey began. Could you ignore a reality shift this bold?

Video Interview with Garnett - UFOHub/YouTube

UFOHUB.net YouTube

The video (from 2016) mentions 3 books. Book 4 is now available: Link

Garnet asked Albert why he showed up as a physical being first. Albert said he wanted to ease him into the concept and not frighten him or cause him to think he was delusional.

Garnet on YouTube
Good plan. Four books later, the adventure spans conversations with enlightened beings, meetings with magical creatures and travels to other dimensions and other galaxies.

Garnet was still practicing law when the encounters started. He kept mum about the whole thing until after stepping away from his career. Even kept it from his wife. He's past that now and sharing the story simply to offer the perspective that we can have help from spirit companions and our efforts to work for a greater cause do make a difference.

Albert is adamant that more higher consciousness focus is needed at this time to avert global environmental crisis.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - Garnet Schulhauser and spirit guide Albert / Book 4

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